Operator Hitman wins in NPSA action

RAB Operators and C&S Hitmen added to the winning row as New Providence Softball Association (NPSA) action continued on Saturday at Bankers Field at the Vairou Hills Sports Complex.

The Hitmen took their sixth win of the season, defeating Chance Mighty Mitt 6-3 in the men’s division. The Hitmen boast a 6-1 win-loss record this season. Mighty Mitts he is 2-3. Hitmen shortstop Sherman Ferguson was named the game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

There was a rematch from two weeks ago in the Ladies’ Games when the Operators battled Johnson’s Lady Truckers. The Operator swept him 8-1. Brendia Ferguson was her MVP of the game. This gave fans a thriller as the two teams played out two weeks before him, as they played out his seven innings over his three hours. In the end, the operator won him 24-23.

Most of the action in the Hitmen and Mighty Mitts game happened in the bottom of the first inning. In that inning, the Hitmen’s first five batters scored. Those hitters were catcher Philip Johnson, center fielder Richard Bain, first baseman Hosea Hilton, Ferguson, and second baseman Martin Burroughs.

Ferguson is known for hitting balls outside the park, and Saturday night was no exception. He ripped one to left field to home Hilton, Bain, and himself in the first inning, going deep for a 0-2 count. Ferguson went 1 for 3 on that three-run shot that night. He led the team to his 4–0 lead in the first innings.

Mighty Mitt had no answer for Hitman in the first innings. In the third inning, the Mighty Mitz scored first with a home run by leading hitter Jewel Bain. He got to base with a double.

Both teams went on the offensive after the first half. The Hitmen scored again in the fourth when Bain singled by Hilton and came home to right field. Mighty Mitt scored two runs in the sixth to get back in the game. Third baseman Kenneth Curry and shortstop Norman Bastian are back for them.

C&S Hitmen player Rodney Forbes swings at bat in Saturday’s game against Chance Mighty Mitt. The Hitmen won him 6-3.

Action continues at NPSA on Thursday night. The University of the Bahamas (UB) Mingos will feature another doubleheader as they take on Black Her Scorpions in the women’s division’s first game at 7 p.m. In the men’s division, Hitman and Mighty Mitt face off again.The game starts at 9:00 pm

The league’s All-Star Game will begin on Saturday, August 27 at 7:30 PM. Operator Hitman wins in NPSA action

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