Opinion: Durek Verrett’s checkered past is a headache for the Norwegian royal family and institutions.

Norwegian social circles were buzzing with news that Princess Martha Louise, a self-proclaimed shaman, a spiritual guide, and healer Derek Bellett were engaged earlier this month. However, Bellett’s previous views, at best, are unusual and have ruffled many feathers.

He has Accused In the media, many Norwegian people do not want to see black people in the royal family. Is he just a shaman who was just unfairly persecuted for his ancestors and another frank view, or is he a “charlatan” who is forging a dangerous conspiracy theory?

Contemporary Norwegian love story

June has been a busy month for the Norwegian royal family. Apart from celebrating Princess Alexandra’s 18th birthday, her aunt Princess Marsalise is her longtime boyfriend, American businessman, self-proclaimed shaman, and spiritual guide. Yes, I am engaged to the healer Durek Verrett. In a one-hour live broadcast on Instagram earlier this week, the couple spoke to an army of fans, followers, and critics on a wide range of topics, most notably their views and experiences on racism.

Bellett, 47, grew up in Sacramento, USA and has been controversial by local historians, but claims to have Haitian and Norwegian ancestry. Nevertheless, during his Instagram session, he talked a lot about the racism he received from the media in Norway. He felt that many Norwegian people “did not want to see black men in the royal family,” and “the men in the royal family do not choose colored women.” A man can choose who he wants. But choosing a colored man for a princess is more difficult for people to deal with than ever before. “

The couple had not yet announced the date of the wedding, but both the king, queen and crown prince sent an official congratulations to the newly engaged pair. Still, much of the Norwegian press and politics are not excited about the princess’ engagement with a man named “charlatan” or “scammer.”

What does Bellett’s previous relationship reveal?

It is no exaggeration to say that Durek Verrett is not your “typical” addition to the European royal family. This black American grew up in Sacramento. Sacramento must appear to be a million light-years away from the rigorous form and privileges of the Norwegian household organization. He and the princess have officially met each other since May 2019 and have been jetting between Norway and the United States ever since.

Bellett’s long and checked love life will one day become a fascinating Netflix series. He was convicted of organizing a party in an abandoned house that was finally set on fire and sentenced to five years in prison (only one year in prison before being released on parole). His previous marriage with the Czech people ended in 2009 and he reported her to her Immigration Bureau because she was illegally staying in the United States, resulting in her imprisonment and deportation. rice field.

After that, Bellett had a long relationship with business partners and masseurs, but canceled his engagement before the wedding scheduled for 2015. His fiancé said Vlett essentially “brainwashed” him and labeled him dangerous and manipulative. Finally, before meeting the princess, he lived with her then manager. Claim Bellett “dominated my entire life” and claimed to have been “brainwashed” by Bellett.

A real shaman or a real charlatan?

Putting his romantic history on one side-yes, we all make romantic mistakes (although I have never been accused of “brainwashing” or deliberately deported my ex-girlfriend) Norwegian media Much of the focus is on his career and candid views and meditations. He has that American entrepreneurial spirit, and apart from being a self-proclaimed shaman, spiritual guides and healers are businessmen.

Prior to the transition to shamanism, Bellett had a limited career as a model and had an extra career on some television shows. He also claimed to have worked at the Shamir Medical Center in Israel, where he used shamanistic methods to treat children with cancer. The hospital strongly denies that he has worked there.According to him Website, He described his shamanism as “nonsense,” and the Los Angeles Times stated that Bellett’s mission was “… by mainstreaming ancient shamanistic practices and fostering the love and acceptance of oneself and others. It is to help “light up”. He has worked with many celebrities and glitter. Perhaps the most famous of these is New Age spiritual darling and renowned Hollywood actor Gwyneth Paltrow.

Still it was his 2019 book, Spirit hacking, It has attracted harsh and heavy criticism. Among them, Bellett has many claims, from how children get cancer because of the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and the tactics of monkey-making by medical institutions, to the claim that atoms can be turned to reduce aging. Dispose of the exorbitantly false allegations. The book was so controversial that it was dropped by the original publisher, Kappelen Dam, but was eventually published by a small publisher. The criticism of the book was terrible. The newspaper Morgenbladet described it as “madman’s wrath,” and Verdens Gang called it “nonsense, garbage, and dirty stories.”

In addition to his interesting medical theory, Bellett considers himself a “reptile” and claims he knew two years before the September 11th attack, and 5G technology conspiracy to “enslave” people. I think it is.

But is the criticism fair?

But are all this public criticisms and scrutiny of Bellett “fair”? In an Instagram session, he faced how he perceived Norway as a surprisingly racist and lived in a relatively “white” and historically homogeneous society as a black American. I talked very frankly about the problem I had. Apart from his “theory” and “shamanism”, it will be difficult for black immigrants to enter the absolute peak of “white privilege”, the household household. Princess Märtha Louise talked about this during her Instagram session, and she acknowledged her “naiveness” when it comes to racism in Norway.

We have seen how another American “outsider” entered the royal family across the North Sea of ​​England. Suffering The wrath of racist social media trolls. When Megan Markle married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Cambridge, she had a mix of black and white ancestors, so online trolling and racism were prominent. There is no doubt that a small amount of online traffic to a couple engaged to Bellett is racist. But at least much of his criticism in traditional media is not due to his skin color, but to his work and candid “theory and views.”

Talk to the newspaper VG, Abid Raja (V), Bellett accused of playing the “race card”. The criticisms cast by the Norwegian media and the general public against him are not what he looks like, but what he says. “It is all his remarks as a shaman, including cancer and the sexual life of Norwegian women, that undermines his credibility,” Raja said.Beyond the political passage, former Prime Minister Erna Solberg TV2 About Bellett’s criticism. She said, “The shaman has to endure a critical focus on the ideas he has about things in the world. It seems very strange and not knowledgeable to me. Looks like. “

Princess Märtha Louise and Sherman Durek. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

The real danger of conspiracy theory

We have all seen how conspiracy theories can be dangerous – January 6 Riot of Parliament Building A huge anti-vaccine in Washington Movement World wide. Not to mention that households are associated with those who have a disturbing view of women’s sexuality and treatment, no conspiracy theory about 5G is ideal.

The monarchy and the royal house play an important role in the social and cultural structure of Norwegian daily life. They are a symbol of the country and its long and proud history. It’s exciting to see the “outsider” join the royal family, but the coveted diversity in this most “white privileged” palace could probably leave his unfounded theory and views on the door. increase.

Engagement is always a happy time for both the newly engaged person and his family. Like all Norwegian families, the royal family cannot escape from one member who has past checks and candid opinions.

However, the line between “Shaman” and “Charatan” is drawn in an unstable and thin manner.

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About the author:

Jonathan is a lover of written words. He believes that the best way to combat this news and political polarization in our time is to take a balanced view. Both sides of the story are equally important. He also enjoys traveling and live music.

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