Opinion | Singapore, stand up for schoolers.Joseph definitely deserves real support

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I affirm that I support Schooling Families. absolutely and unconditionally.

They are an amazing family from Singapore who put us on the world map and showed that with a fearless heart like a lion and a determined and undying soul, anyone can handle the best in the world. .

His selfless act allowed the late Colin, his wife Mae and Joseph to hold the flag of Singapore high and take the sport on the highest stage. And with an unprecedented parliamentary salute, it was rightly recognized by the government as well.

Now Joseph cannot be so easily dismissed due to a reckless mistake he has publicly admitted and apologized for. And at times like these, Singapore must stand tall and offer overwhelming support.

Now that he’s overcome this setback, wiser, and now 27, he’s learned that life is never rosy, and that he’ll be able to cope with the stages of sports stardom that are so glamorous without his father in tow. I know it can be a very distressing experience.

Since he was six or seven years old, his parents have shouldered the emotional and financial burdens to support him, and have steadfastly supported their only child’s dream of becoming an Olympic champion.

Making the difficult decision to send him for training at the age of just 14 to the Boles School, a college preparatory institution in the United States, spending more than $1 million on education and training, partly with loans Hats off to you.

Mei, in particular, even lobbied for three years to postpone his only son’s national service in 2013 to prepare for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

So let’s gather around Joseph and let the Schooling family know that he’s been forgiven, that he can move on with life positively, and that he will continue to be a role model for the younger generation.

Show your Singaporean thumbs up and keep supporting the schooling family.

Now is the time to stand up for Singapore and Joseph definitely deserves a real endorsement. Majula!

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– Advertising ​​- Opinion | Singapore, stand up for schoolers.Joseph definitely deserves real support

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