Opinion: What does this mean for Norway when our Scandinavian neighbors are preparing to enter NATO?

Sweden and Finland’s recent application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is Sweden and Finland’s recent application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the largest geopolitical in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is considered a paradigm shift.However, both turkey With (member) Russia (Strategic adversary) is not so excited about the desire of the two Scandinavian countries to participate. What do Sweden and Finland’s NATO members mean to their closest neighbor and ally, Norway?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forces Finnish and Swedish hands

Back in March, many knew that the geopolitical map of Europe would change when Russian soldiers illegally attacked across borders and invaded eastern Ukraine. But few would have predicted that this Russian invasion of Ukraine would end the decades of official neutrality of Sweden and Finland. However, this Russian aggression eventually caused both Sweden and Finland to strip off their neutral coats. Application process Of NATO. Participation in this alliance will firmly position both Nordic countries in the military block that was first created to counter the (Soviet) invasion of Russia.

Sweden and Finland are both NATO partners, and this close partnership makes it easier for them to join the military block in theory. Sweden’s NATO ambassador Axel Wenhof and his Finnish colleague Klaus Cohoen delivered the application directly to what NATO Secretary-General (former Norwegian Prime Minister) Jens Stortenberg said in Brussels.It’s a good day at a critical time for our security.

NATO expansion is Putin’s worst nightmare

Must be Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare, his “special military operations” in Ukraine (illegal invasion of sovereign states) actually exacerbated his geopolitical position. Putin has been lamenting NATO enlargement for years, especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. By the middle of the decade, Putin’s view was that a huge area of ​​the former Soviet Republic had essentially joined NATO, taking the Western military Jaguar Note to the Russian border. His aggression sparked a NATO application between Sweden and Finland, extending NATO’s northern border with Russia from 196 kilometers with Norway to more than 1,300 kilometers. The Baltic Sea essentially becomes a NATO pond, making it increasingly difficult for Russia’s prestigious Baltic Fleet to swing its muscles.

The land beyond the Arctic Circle, “High North,” is full of natural resources and is becoming more and more important. Economic When Geopolitical Theater-Russia had only one western NATO member on the border until the invasion of Ukraine. With nearby Sweden, there are now two possibilities. All three countries have important troops with institutional and practical knowledge to operate in one of the coldest regions of the globe. Norway already hosts important NATO troops in the country, and the same will soon apply to the two Nordic neighbors.

The Ukrainian aggression, which can now be inferred by wisdom, was clearly not the best decision for an increasingly paranoid dictator like Putin. To make matters worse, the fact that two more countries are members of NATO (one with a long border with Russia) as a direct result of this aggression is a complete catastrophe for Russia’s geopolitical position. is.

Sweden and Finland’s NATO application, if approved, will extend the NATO-Russia border by approximately 1400 kilometers. Shown here is the Norwegian-Russian border crossing at Kirkenes (NOR) Storskog (RUS). Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Russia’s strong reaction to the Nordic neighbor’s NATO application

The reaction to the Swedish-Finnish joint application to participate in NATO has been widely despised by Russia.Russia came out swaying saying this expansion According to Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov, “it does not contribute to the stability of Europe” and “… the NATO alliance is still a tool of conflict.” Many Western governments have found it somewhat funny to lecture on others about the current unstable nature of Europe’s security and stability, where Russia has launched an illegal invasion of Europe’s sovereign states.

Russia warns of “results” if Sweden and Finland actually join NATO, both diplomatically and publicly. Former Russian President (and Putin’s ally) Dmitry Medvedev said that if these two Nordic neighbors join NATO, nuclear weapons will be deployed in the Baltic region, although it is not yet known what these consequences will be. I have previously suggested that there is a possibility. Will Russia be willing to put Europe at the center of a new and invisible nuclear weapons crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960s?

Norwegian-Russian relations are subject to change

The relationship between Norway and Russia is one of the careful controls. Although it is part of NATO, Norway takes a more realistic approach to relations with its larger neighbors.Before the invasion, the economic relationship between the two countries more and more important. Norway has a large trade deficit with Russia, with imports in 2021 increasing by 58.9% to a total of SEK 21.8 billion. However, since the invasion, many major Western countries, including Norway, have imposed economic sanctions on Russia, so there is little economic relations.With Norway supporting Finland and Sweden’s NATO applications, Russia has left economic activity between the two countries, especially Export Of oil and gas.

From a strategic point of view, Norway will consider both reassurance and fear once the Swedish and Finnish applications have been approved and the acceptance of major NATO forces has begun. It helps to military synchronize Norway with its two closest neighbors and ensure the northern side of NATO-number security is by no means a bad idea. But it also has the potential to make “High North” the next battlefield figuratively or physically due to further geopolitical competition between NATO and Russia. If military power is increased in the area, this means that Norway must increase its national security and defense budgets.

Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO applications have the potential to have economic and geopolitical implications for Norway. The longer Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and many experts believe it will not be resolved soon, will force Norway and Russia to change their formerly realistic relationship into a more hostile one. Maybe. As George W. Bush once famously said, “Are you with us or against us?” Norway knows that this delicate diplomatic equilibrium action cannot be carried out any longer.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkey’s President Erdogan has released a list of requests that Sweden and Finland must meet before Turkey approves NATO accession.Photo: Turkish President Pool via AP

President Erdogan throws a spanner on his work

In order for Sweden and Finland to join NATO, all 30 member states of the alliance must agree. All but 29 are exceptions except Turkey.Turkish government List of requests Before approving NATO membership, I’m going to meet Sweden and Finland. These demands are addressed by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (P), which the Turkish government calls a “terrorist group.”artiya Karkerên Kurdistanê, PKK), And more flexibility in the delivery of wanted Turkish citizens against the current Erdogan administration.

A report from a research institute closely related to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could be imprisoned if more than 120 Norwegians were nominated as supporters of the PKK and visited Turkey. Was revealed in the second half of 2019. The list included several prominent politicians, scholars, and activists. Since Norway has public support for Sweden and Finland’s NATO members, could this list be added by the Erdogan administration as all three Scandinavian countries frequently met with PKK members for peace negotiations?

How long will Norway and other NATO countries be? confirmation Does that mean Turkey’s demands are met? Will this change the relationship between Norway and Turkey if they do not meet and Turkey’s President Erdogan is not satisfied? Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO gives Norway even more peace of mind in the “High North”. Will President Erdogan have personal responsibility if the Finnish and Swedish applications are not approved?

Norway could chill its relations with Turkey if NATO members do not immediately appease Turkey’s President Erdogan and the NATO bids in Sweden and Finland are blocked.

NATO bids affect Norway in either way

The Swedish and Finnish bids to participate in NATO are seen as a huge strategic geopolitical move that has not been seen in the Nordic region for years. On the one hand, it will extend NATO’s border with Russia to the sadness of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This will definitely increase the military presence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (and Norway) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (and Norway). On the other hand, if membership is hampered by Turkey’s demands, Norway will continue to be the only West NATO country with an increasingly aggressive border with Russia.

The United States has publicly announced that Turkey’s obstacles to Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO will soon be overcome. The NATO Summit will be held in Madrid at the end of next month, and it is expected that all NATO countries will fully support the Nordic countries’ applications. If this happens as expected, many Norwegian people will sigh of relief and welcome their Scandinavian neighbors into this important military alliance.

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