Opposition blames government for further delay in opening electricity market

Opposition lawmakers on Tuesday blamed the government after learning that the fuss about opening the electricity market would be delayed again.

The decision to postpone the deployment date of the competitive electricity market (CEM) was communicated to the MP by the Transmission Systems Operator (TSO) during a private session of the House Energy Commission.

Akel MP Costas Costa later told the media that the reasons TSO cited were staffing issues and delays in the process of making TSO completely independent.

A representative of the TSO told parliamentarians that the current prevalence of global energy, the constant rise in fuel prices, does not help launch a competitive electricity market.

Costa recalled that the government finally guaranteed to launch CEM in the fourth quarter of this year with the aim of fulfilling Cyprus’ obligations to the European Union on the penetration of renewable energy into the energy mix. ..

The timeline is gone. Initially, the government promised to open the electricity market by July 2014, and then in July 2016, July 2019, and December 2020.

The latest timeline quoted was October 2022, but it’s now off the table too.

“Unfortunately, we’ve proved right about what we’ve been screaming for years … and we’ve confirmed that the government still can’t deal with serious problems,” Costa said.

He added that the government has stalled legislation aimed at making TSO a completely independent organization. This is an important factor in having an open electricity market.

TSO currently relies on the Cyprus Electricity Authority for its staff.

The planned open electricity market involves energy exchange and is based on the netpool market model.

Only in May, the TSO director told local media that the market would be operational by the fourth quarter of this year. Opposition blames government for further delay in opening electricity market

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