Opposition Leader Calls on Government to Show More Urgency in Hurricane Dorian Relief Than Previous Administration – Eye Witness News

FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMAS — Opposition leader and Marco City Rep. Michael Pintard yesterday called for increased urgency, suggesting the need for help from Hurricane Dorian since the passing of 2019’s deadly storm.

“Let’s work together. Tribalism doesn’t work in Grand Bahama. It doesn’t work in Bahamas,” he said.

“And leadership that understands what Abaco is going through and what Grand Bahama is going through will find every opportunity to work with everyone, regardless of political color. People are hurting, but we believe that if we work together and not with each other, they will be healed.”

Pintard delivered a moving address at a memorial service held in memory of the victims of Hurricane Dorian at Jubilee Cathedral in Freeport.

He remembered the moment when a rising flood drove him to the roof with his wife and daughter. Mr Pintard said he relied on God to give him peace in what he described as the most difficult experience of his life.

“It was a difficult time, but when I looked it up online before I lost my phone, it was clear that all over Grand Bahama, people were taking the initiative to help neighbors and strangers. ” he said.

“As we look back today and mourn and celebrate those faith-based organizations that have been there for all of us. less than 50%.

“A lot of people couldn’t rebuild and didn’t have insurance. I’m here.

Pintard continues: The church does this by praying and serving people. Some NGOs are trying, but lack funding.

Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper

“As a policy maker, I am here because I stand with Chester Cooper and members of this government in a joint effort to rebuild, but there must be a greater sense of urgency. We need more in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Many are still suffering.”

Pintado served as Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources in the previous Minnis administration.

On Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper mandate to Place wreaths in 4 places East Grand Bahamas: Sir Jack Hayward Bridge, Freetown, McLean’s Town, High Rock.

In a statement at yesterday’s service, Cooper was happy to admit that Pintado “didn’t get enough relief, and it didn’t come fast enough” in the first few days after the storm. said.

Cooper said the Grand Bahamians will find “things going from bad to worse” in the coming weeks as some plans come to fruition.

“We know many of your homes are still in disrepair, and we know many of you are still not receiving basic government services in your communities.East Grand Bahamas We know that many children in do not have a school nearby, we know the airport is still in an unacceptable state and we will fix it, and although hope is given endlessly , we know patience is not.

“Thanks to the people of Grand Bahama, our commitment will be seen and felt in action, not just words.”

Cooper added: We have not forgotten you and you are not alone. ” Opposition Leader Calls on Government to Show More Urgency in Hurricane Dorian Relief Than Previous Administration – Eye Witness News

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