Opposition: Paks upgrade will expose Hungary to Russian influence

A representative of the unified opposition said on Tuesday that the upgrade of Paks’ nuclear power plant has been “unacceptable” because it exposes Hungary to Russian influence.

LMP’s Péter Ungár said in an online press conference that the upgrade was a security risk as the construction was in the hands of “Russians who also hacked the Foreign Ministry’s servers.” Lack of transparency also poses a threat of corruption, and the project could also lead to diplomatic isolation in Hungary, he said. He said that continuing to invest also means that Hungary “does not step on the green pass.”

Rebecca Sabo (Parvezed), a candidate for the opposition to the April 3 general election, called the upgrade a “total failure.”

The government has agreed to upgrade with Russia without allowing competition, and construction has barely begun, she said.

Contrary to the original plan, she said Russia would not handle spent fuel rods. Meanwhile, she argued that Prime Minister Viktor Orban “intentionally dialed down” a project on sustainable energy and “tied national energy policy to this dangerous project.”

Another opponent of the election, Bernadette Sel, said

The upgrade was a “corruption plan that has nothing to do with nuclear energy.”

She claimed that Janos Suri, a portfolio-less minister in charge of the upgrade, did not have an impact study and risk assessment on the project.

Cell said

“After the change of government”, the energy efficiency of housing is prioritized.

She said the opposition plans to renovate 100,000 homes a year. She said this would also help Hungary “cut the umbilical cord into gas”, another factor in its dependence on Russia.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, the upgrade to the Paks Nuclear Power Plant in Hungary is “on schedule,” a local unit in Russia’s Rosatom, the project’s general contractor, told Paks Press, a regional communications company. rice field. Click here for details.. Opposition: Paks upgrade will expose Hungary to Russian influence

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