Opposition parties claim the government. Conspiracy to oust CB Governor

Saman Indrajit

The government is conspiring to remove Dr Nandalal Weerasinghe as central bank governor and replace him with a government minion, opposition leader Sajit Premadasa told parliament yesterday. Make a presentation to Congress on the economic situation.

“There needs to be some agreement between us on the direction the economy should go. I saw a lot of government lawmakers making all sorts of innuendos about the governor,” Premadasa said.

The opposition party leader said former president Gotabaya Rajapakse had asked Dr Weerasinghe to take over as central bank governor.

“Dr. Weerasinghe didn’t ask for the job. It was a choice.The Treasury secretary is also good.But now some molecules are using a small number of MPs to make various charges against Dr. Weerasinghe.They say that Dr. Weerasingha has dual nationality. On Thursday, parliamentarians took 20 minutes of the government’s allotted time to hint that Dr Weerasinghe was the reason Sri Lanka went bankrupt.Of course, the charges were not made directly.” said the opposition leader.

Premadasa said such statements were part of a concerted plot to defame Dr. Weerasinghe. He warned that this was a bad omen and that Dr. Weerasinghe’s resignation would have a devastating effect on the country.

“The government talks about the need for an all-party government. Its parliamentarians accuse the opposition of running politics. is going to send back to Australia and appoint a henchman.I can’t imagine forming an all-party government with you from things like this,” he said.

According to the opposition party leader, during the meeting with Dr Weerasingha, government parliamentarians did not allow SJB lawmakers, Lakshman Kiriela and Dr Harsha de Silva to question them.

“Members of Parliament were behaving like hooligans. Dr. de Silva walked out of the meeting. It was embarrassing. Don’t try to get rid of Dr. Weerasingha by conspiracy. Don’t try to deny this. Rebuild the country.” requires some consensus within the government,” he said.

Meanwhile, former finance minister Mohammad Ali Sabri said he was appointed finance minister at a time when no one was willing to take the job. He said it was during his term that negotiations with the IMF began.

“At the time, we had to decide whether to spend all we had to pay off our foreign debt, or what little we had to provide the people with basic necessities. I was Minister of Finance at the time, I spoke twice with the then president when the central bank proposed a default, I spoke to experts both nationally and internationally. I also talked to Dr. Silva, we had to pay $200 million, the Treasury had $37,000, we had to pay $500 million to pay for supplies. Are we paying for necessities or are we paying off our debts? We’re happy to take responsibility.” Opposition parties claim the government. Conspiracy to oust CB Governor

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