Opposition parties pass parliamentary investigation report on Itaewon scandal

SEOUL, Jan. 30 (Yonhap) — Opposition parties passed a report on a National Assembly Special Committee investigation into the Itaewon tragedy in the National Assembly on Monday, despite objections from the ruling party.

The largest opposition Democratic Party (DP), the minor Progressive Justice Party and the Basic Income Party adopted the report at the plenary session, while the People’s Power Party (PPP) lawmaker Lee Sang-min Boycotted the vote on allegations that the minister mishandled policy. The aftermath of his October 29 riot that killed 159 people.

The PPP also said the relocation of the presidential office to Yongsan, where Itaewon is located, and the government’s focus on cracking down on drug crimes were some of the reasons for poor crowd control on the day of the accident. I objected to that explanation.

report, was devised earlier this month after a National Assembly committee investigated the disaster for 55 days, but Lee did not take the necessary measures to prevent the disaster from occurring, even after being asked to set up a central disaster management headquarters. He said he didn’t install it though. Act as head of the Ministry of Security.

Lee also claims that he gave false testimony at the National Assembly hearing that he had the list of the victims’ bereaved families, and that he evaded responsibility and caused secondary damage to the victims and their families.

The largest opposition party is threatening to impeach Lee if President Yoon Seok-yeol does not dismiss him, and is pressuring Cheong Wa Dae to hold the minister accountable.

Democratic Party Rep. Woo Sang-ho, who led the committee, said, “The report calls on the president to immediately dismiss Minister Lee Sang-min, hold those responsible accountable, and sincerely apologize to the survivors and the bereaved families of the victims. I am asking you to do so,” he said. , Said.

The floor leader of the Democratic Party said the party will push for the impeachment of Lee unless Yoon decides to remove him by this week.

However, ruling party lawmakers said the report contained unilateral claims from the Democratic Party and had no evidence to prove them to be true.

Opposition lawmakers adopted a report on the results of a parliamentary investigation into the Itaewon tragedy at a plenary session in the National Assembly in western Seoul on January 30, 2023, despite objections from ruling People’s Power Party lawmakers. There is (United States)
(end) Opposition parties pass parliamentary investigation report on Itaewon scandal

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