Opposition wants the president to speak up to the Sayo River

László Lóránt Keresztes, chairman of the Commission on Sustainable Development of Parliament, called on President Catalin Novak in a public letter to speak out to protect the Saho River and eliminate ongoing pollution there.

The Sajó River enters Hungary, northeast of Slovakia, and polluted water from closed mines has been flowing into the river for months.

Pollution has already eradicated wildlife over long areas of the river, pollution has reached Hungary, and the amount of toxic substances has exceeded the threshold, said Kerestes, group leader of the opposition LMP.

He is now looking at the president “seeing the inaction of the Slovak government and the passiveness of the Hungarian ruling party and government.”Kerestes said

Slovak authorities “acknowledged” that they could not find a final solution to the problem.

He said. Hungary must do everything in its power to stop pollution by providing expert assistance to Slovakia as needed, he said.

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sauce: MTI Opposition wants the president to speak up to the Sayo River

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