Orange code heatwave and fire warnings for all of Belgium except the coast from Wednesday

A heat wave forecast by the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) will cause all but the coasts to switch to code orange on Wednesday, RTBF said.

Mercury will reach 30°C on Wednesday and continue to rise for the next few days. Temperatures are expected to climb to 33°C on Thursday, 34°C on Friday and Saturday, and at least 35°C in some areas on Sunday.

A nationwide heatwave is declared by the RMI when temperatures of at least 25°C are recorded for at least 5 consecutive days at the Ukuru meteorological station, of which the 30°C threshold is reached for at least 3 days. will be

According to the Meteorological Institute, orange codes may be reviewed as the situation evolves.

fire risk

Continuing high temperatures and drought have increased the risk of fire outbreaks. Be especially careful in parks and countryside. From Monday, smoking and lighting in Flanders’ forests and nature reserves will be banned.

In Wallonia, the Department for Nature and Forests (DNF) continues an awareness campaign. These include prevention and surveillance initiatives with some states, such as Liège, issuing orders to ban outdoor fires.

Due to the increasing risk of fire, many fireworks displays have been canceled, including the traditional 15th of August festival in Liege.

Firefighters put out fires in Anderlecht

Brussels firefighters were called to a fire under the Anderlecht ring on Sunday afternoon (photo above). The exact cause of brush flames has yet to be determined, but it could be heat.

“Firefighters received a report of reduced visibility on Sunday afternoon on the ring to Erasmus near Anderlecht.

Firefighters sent a water pump and a tank containing 12,800 liters of water to the scene. “It took about 8,500 liters to put out the fire,” Derieuw said.

Photo: Weather Forecast (c) RMI. Firefighters in the Anderlect ring (c) SIAMU Brussels Orange code heatwave and fire warnings for all of Belgium except the coast from Wednesday

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