Orban: Peace brings economic prosperity

Peace eliminates inflation during the war. Hungary is peaceful, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told bystanders of the two-day NATO summit in Madrid.

Olburn said in a Facebook video that the summit is tackling critical issues such as Ukraine’s deteriorating situation, food crisis, wartime inflation and the impending economic crisis.

“Our stance and the interests of Hungary are clear. We must move away from this war,” he said.

The defense organization NATO must not be dragged into the war, Orban said. He added that mediation of peace should be a top priority. He said Hungary is promoting the fastest course to a ceasefire and peace talks.

“We propose that NATO focus on bringing peace.”

He said. At the same time, he said that peace also requires power. Hungary will raise defense spending to 2% of GDP next year. He said this was a year earlier than the promise to NATO.

“Peace will bring economic prosperity. Inflation will not occur in normal times and the risk of threatening Hungary’s security will be reduced,” he said.

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sauce: MTI Orban: Peace brings economic prosperity

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