Orban, Serbia: Farm workers will be heroes in 2022!

Hungary and Serbia can be trusted by each other, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the opening ceremony of the 89th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad (Ujibidek) on Saturday.

Sharing the stage with Serbian President Alexander Vucci at the fair where Hungary is an honorary guest, Oban states that both Hungary and Serbia are strong in agriculture and that the country is “an important food reserve for Europe”. rice field.

He said inflation, the threat of famine in different parts of the world, armed forces in Ukraine, even though both political leaders “deserve carefree mitigation under normal circumstances” after a recent election victory. He said the conflict was in the spotlight.

He could not only make famine a wave of migration and people want a better life, but also make former people “lighter than compared” when they leave home in Europe to survive. I warned that there was.

Many have criticized the upgrade of the railroads between Belgrade and Budapest, but he recalled that the value of the investment was highly valued due to the uncertainty of delivery routes across Ukraine.

He said doctors and nurses were heroes in 2020 and 2021 while

Farm workers will be heroes in 2022.

Orban said the war in Ukraine put both countries in a difficult position. This is because Serbia is not a member of the European Union and Hungary is a member.

He added that Hungary and Serbia will coordinate each other’s positions and support each other at international forums, regardless of what discussions take place inside and outside the EU. Orban said Hungary is “economically unreasonable” and will not accept Brussels’ decision to raise prices until it becomes impossible to harness the full capacity of the agricultural sector.He added it

The Hungarian agricultural sector can supply twice as much food as the country’s population “if properly managed”.

Hungarian grain
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Source: MTI Orban, Serbia: Farm workers will be heroes in 2022!

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