Original tribute to Albert I of Monaco by the Venturi Group

Throughout June, Venturi Group staff will ski touring the Norwegian island for 220 kilometers. The island was mapped by Albert II’s great-grandfather between 1898 and 1907.

What is the best way to pay homage to “Navigator Prince”? This is a challenge that the Venturi set himself up to celebrate and commemorate the 100th anniversary of Albert I of Belgium’s death.

At least that challenge Pastor Guild, The president of the Venturi has outsourced to Xavier Chevrin, a member of his staff. “Xavier Chevrin has been testing electric vehicles on extreme excursions around the world since 2010, so he is ideal for skiing over 220 km, withstanding cold, wind and ice for three weeks. “I’m a good person,” explains Gildo. Pastor.

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To cross “Albert I Land”

Modern adventurers head to Pittsburgh Island, first mapped by Albert I of Monaco. Xavier Chevrin spends almost a month in June, an environment that keeps people away. Armed with touring skis, his purpose was “Albert I Land“: Conclude your trip to Princess Alice from Mount Grimaldi to Mount Albert I across the Monaco Glacier (see map above).

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The mobile app allows you to track the progress of Xavier Chevrin, receive photos from adventurers, and send support messages. It will be available soon. Original tribute to Albert I of Monaco by the Venturi Group

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