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Originally from Hyderabad, Nooreen has gained fame in the United States for her temporary tattoo art.

New England: Born and raised in the pearl city of Hyderabad, the home of some of India’s leading artists and poets, Nurine gained fame in New England for her temporary tattoo art.

Her main expertise is hand-painted. She took this form of art to the next level by creating paintings inspired by Indian, Mohar, Turkish and Persian motifs.

She completed citizen draftmanship and architecture at the British Academy of India in 1990 and has various forms of art such as watercolors, embossed paintings, nib paintings, glass paintings, stitches of all kinds, henna (temporary tattoos). I learned from my mother. She holds seven gold medals from all Indian industrial exhibitions in various categories.

The inspiration behind mastering different art forms

The family-owned Noureen Design House has received various international awards from the Boston Federal Museum and other organizations.

Since the business has been carried out in various ways, it has become a part of Nooreen’s life from an early age. After that, she became passionate about the form of art. After moving to the United States, she continued to be passionate and began to impress not only New England’s South Asian communities, but also non-South Asian communities as well.

She credits her mother Zaheer Unisa Begum and her grandmother Mehmooda Khatun who gave her this art.

Nooreen with a proclamation
Nooreen with legendary squash champion Jahangir Khan
Noureen with certificate
Boston Common Museum Nooreen Award
Nooreen with Governor Deval Patrick

Connecting communities through art and culture

She chooses different forms of art from South Asian cultures and communities and expresses and shows her uniqueness in such South Asian cultures and communities.

The family business received several approvals and declarations from the Governor of Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Office, and State Representative Office. Many government officials and Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer visited the event.

The various awards and awards received by the family business are:

  • Declaration from Governor of Massachusetts (Governor Davel Patrick and Governor Charles Baker)
  • Awards from Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • Proclamation from state representative
  • Awards from Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer
  • Special Awards and Awards from the Boston Common Museum
  • Northeastern University Family Business Awards

Continue the legacy

Noureen told Siasat.com, “By the grace of God, Noureen Design has done a lot, but as part of continuing and popularizing this form of art, they are carrying it overhead in the form of art. Providing a platform for solving the rainbow. ”

You can contact Noureen via email info@noureendesign.com.

https://www.siasat.com/hyderabad-origin-noureen-earns-fame-in-us-with-fine-art-of-mehndi-2250684/ Originally from Hyderabad, Nooreen has gained fame in the United States for her temporary tattoo art.

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