Orrin Hatch will be in the Utah State Capitol, a rare honor

Government officials rarely lie in the state or have a public monument in the Utah State Capitol.

Senator Orrin Hatch, who died on April 23, is the fifth person to be honored Wednesday when his body lies in the parliamentary amphitheater from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

His funeral is scheduled for Friday at 1:00 pm at the Jesus Christ Church of the Latter-day Saints Institute of Religion at 1780 S. Campus Drive in Salt Lake City. He is buried in a military rite at Newton Cemetery in Cash County.

Both events are open to the public.

There are no records of high-ranking officials lying in the state at the Utah State Capitol. The Capitol Conservation Commission and local historian Ron Fox edited the list primarily from the press.

Of the other four who were honored, three were governors and one was chairman of the Utah House of Representatives.

  • Governor Olene WalkerThe first woman to serve as Governor of Utah lay in the Gold Room of the Capitol in November 2015.
  • Public monument House speaker Becky Rock HeartThe first woman to serve as a Utah House speaker was held in January 2015 at the Capitol’s Amphitheater.
  • Governor Scott Mathieson He lay in Rotunda after he died of cancer in October 1990.
  • Governor George Dern lay in Rotunda in September 1936 after his death. When he died, he was Secretary of the Army under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Governor Calvin LamptonUtah’s longest-serving chief executive officer was opened to the public at the Governor’s mansion after his death in September 2007. At that time, the Parliament building was under renovation.

https://www./utah/2022/5/3/23055528/senator-orrin-hatch-lie-in-state-utah-capitol-who-had-that-honor-funeral-public Orrin Hatch will be in the Utah State Capitol, a rare honor

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