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Ørsted, Falk and Blue Float get rights to large builds

Ørsted, Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy have acquired submarine rights Up to 1GW off the northeast coast of Scotland Floating offshore wind farm. This is the world’s first large floating offshore wind turbine project. The other two proposals, Falck and Blue Float, were also given submarine rights.

In partnership with Ørsted, Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy, the award for this floating wind turbine with a scale of up to 1GW was awarded through the Scott Wind Offshore Wind Lease Round in Crown Estate Scottland.

The project will take place off Caithness, about 50km east of Wick.

Martin Neubert, Ørsted Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy Group CEO said: This gigawatt scale lease. “

“I commend Crown Estate Scotland for granting large lease rights and focusing on development stage commitments, which enable financially sustainable development, floating and deep sea water. It’s exactly what you need to be cost-competitive. By securing this submarine lease, the region confirms its ambitions for offshore wind power while expanding its long-term commitment to the offshore development pipeline and the United Kingdom. doing.”

Duncan Clark, The head of Region UK in Ørsted said: We look forward to working with the consortium to bring together the special capabilities of each partner and collaboratively develop this project as quickly as possible to generate green power in Scotland.

“Scotland has the best offshore wind potential in the world. The ScotWind Lease Round is a unique opportunity for Scotland to become the world leader in offshore wind. We develop offshore wind projects. We look forward to working with Scottish companies in doing so. Investing in local supply chains and creating new jobs and skills that will leave a lasting legacy for communities across the country. “

According to Ørsted, the consortium is already working with community-owned expert Energy4All to enable residents of Scotland and the Scottish community to share the economic benefits of the consortium’s future floating wind farms. We are starting to work on the framework.

As part of the preparatory work to provide a floating wind farm, the consortium will work with the Energy Skills Partnership Scotland (ESP) to help train a skilled workforce in time for the start of construction, Ørsted said. I am saying.

Ørsted further said that research with the Scottish Marine Science Association (SAMS) will be conducted to investigate the potential impact of the development of floating offshore wind power on the marine environment. The project under discussion will explore how interest in fisheries and offshore wind can work together, and study the interaction of fish, marine mammals, and seabirds with floating offshore wind farms.

Falck and Blue Float win two more

Apart from the successful bid in partnership with Ørsted, Falck Renewables and the Blue Float Energy Partnership, which is currently participating in the Scot Wind offshore wind leasing round, have won two more bids.

In addition to the proposed site east of Caseness secured in Ørsted, the partnership between Falck Renewables and Blue Float Energy has two proposals: the eastern site of Aberdeen in plan option E1 and the northern site of Fraserburgh in plan option NE6. Secured a lease for the project.

The three areas can accommodate a total of approximately 3.0 GW of offshore wind capacity, and the project is expected to be operational by the end of the decade, requiring consent, commercial arrangements, and grid connectivity.

Carlos MartinThe CEO of BlueFloat Energy said: “The Scottish coastline is ideal for developing offshore wind projects, and we are excited to be given the opportunity to develop our expertise to realize these projects in Scotland. It is very likely that we will boost Scotland’s position at the forefront of energy transformation. We are already doing extensive work on Scotland’s supply chain planning and can work with as many local companies as possible. I’m looking forward to becoming like that. “

Toni VolpeThe CEO of Falck Renewables said: “We are pleased that our application has been endorsed by Crown Estate Scotland and that offshore wind projects have contributed significantly to providing clean energy to Scotland. Falck Renewables has a global renewable energy portfolio. And our growth strategy is on track to facilitate the global transition to a low carbon future. “

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493535-rsted-falck-bluefloat-win-rights-to-build-large-floating-wind-farms-in-scotland Ørsted, Falk and Blue Float get rights to large builds

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