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Osbit delivers a swordfish trencher to Jan De Nul

September 22, 2022

(Photo: Osbit)

UK-based offshore equipment supplier Osbit has announced that it has delivered a new subsea drilling vehicle to Luxembourg offshore and offshore services company Jan De Nul.

A high performance vehicle named Swordfish is a dedicated cable burial tool for protecting subsea cables used in current and future wind projects. The Swordfish is powered by 1200kW of subsea power using a combination of direct drive and hydraulic distribution.

The vehicle can be quickly reconfigured into either jetting (strong water mobilization on the sea bed) or mechanical chain cutting mode to tackle the different soil conditions found throughout a planned wind farm or export route. increase. In the jetting configuration, versatile jetting tools and highly controllable hydraulic power propel you through sand and weak clay at high speeds. In the cutting configuration, water jets complement high hydraulic drive power to facilitate dirt transport to a powerful discharge system, all working together to help you advance consistently through challenging soils.

A team of dedicated Osbit engineers completed the detailed design, manufacturing, assembly and testing of Swordfish in just over a year. The machine was delivered from the company’s assembly base in Bryce Harbor, Northumberland. After delivery, the trenchers were shipped to Belgium for mobilization and installation.

Osbit Director Neil Harrison said: Method. This new equipment has great features and can work in different ground conditions. ”

Jan Van De Velde, Manager of New Construction at Jan De Nul Group, said: Thanks to its high power, the Swordfish can fill cables deeper and at a higher rate of progression. Swordfish can also tackle more difficult soil conditions, such as hard clay up to 400 kPa, thanks to its innovative mechanical chain cutting configuration. The Swordfish delivery armes the Jan de Nur Group for tomorrow’s energy transition and complements our Cable Install Vessel Connectors and Isaac Newton. We look back on our fruitful collaboration with Osbit Ltd. (UK) in completing this industry-leading cable burial project solution. ”

https://www.oedigital.com/news/499651-osbit-delivers-swordfish-trencher-to-jan-de-nul Osbit delivers a swordfish trencher to Jan De Nul

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