“Our aid has made an impact in many livelihoods and the fight against poverty.”

Injections, culture shock, and sanitary conditions should not hold you back from volunteering to help those in need abroad. says the volunteer.

Michaela Cassar Pickard, a Karibu Malta (non-profit) volunteer, said: of independence About volunteer experience in Kenya and Zambia. The group’s portfolio of volunteer activities ranges from building schools to providing fresh water and education, the latter being academic or sanitary.

Michaela said Independent on Sunday People in such countries have to walk for hours to get clean water, and toilets and other hygiene necessities may not exist.

“These people are empowered not only by what we offer, but by embracing their culture, trying their cuisine, learning about their lives, and getting to know them and their families on a personal level. I will,” she said.

When asked what governments and local organizations could do to support this group’s humanitarian plea, volunteers said that no monetary donations, sponsorship of materials, participation in activities, or purchases from nonprofit sales efforts would be made. said it could be very useful in supporting future altruistic endeavors. That way, you can contribute on an emotional level as well,” she said.

“Our children are staring at computer screens 24/7, so they don’t appreciate anything,” he says of how children in these poor countries make the most of life’s little things. Michaela said as she pondered what she was experiencing. She “learned to appreciate the little things we don’t normally think about: clean water, working equipment, electricity, safety.”

She remembered an experience. I gave this ball to the boy when we arrived. It was amazing how his face lit up when he saw this toy. ”

She insisted that Karibu Marta prepares volunteers holistically and holds weekly meetings to prepare people to be mentally and spiritually involved in their next experience.

“Giving is better than receiving,” Mikaela concluded, noting that years of such experiences helped her grow more independent and spiritual. .

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