Our daughter plays and screams at me whenever her husband isn’t around

Dear Deedle: Our 3 year old daughter is an angel whenever her husband is by her side.

But when I’m the only one taking care of her, she quickly transforms into a little devil. She refuses anything I ask of her.


I’m tired of the way my daughter treats me

I am 31 and my husband is 32.

Even small requests like “get in bed” or “come brush your teeth” are met with rudeness and volcanic tantrums.

Whenever I complain to her dad he tells me not to worry too much and she will get out of it.

I thought this was just what happened during the “terrible two”. But she’s almost four years old.

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I feel like I have no one to talk to about my problems.

Why does she seem to hate me so much?

Deidre says: Of course, it’s incredibly frustrating when a child refuses to listen.

But if you’re patient and stay firm and consistent, they’ll learn where your boundaries are and they’ll feel safer over time.

Make sure you and your husband are united.

It is common for infants to cling to one parent and appear to reject the other.

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However, as she matures, this favor will surely disappear.

We will send you a support pack Stressed With The Kids with more information. Our daughter plays and screams at me whenever her husband isn’t around

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