Outdoor market incubator iDiscover opens after COVID-19 hold-up

MeDiscover was officially launched yesterday as the country’s latest outdoor market incubator, designed to boost the business of small entrepreneurs in the orange and green economies.

The company was funded through the Access Accelerator Small Business Development Center and the Bahamas Entrepreneurial Venture Fund. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening was delayed.

The market is on St Albans Drive.

iDiscover Principal Tehranique Miller said the company was born because she couldn’t find an affordable space to sell her artwork.

“I was creating all this beautiful thing. Due to overheads and other factors, I couldn’t separate myself from it and couldn’t afford to rent a place to go to sell things. “Miller said.

“So I started thinking about how many of the other Bahamian artists who are very talented and dedicated people who actually sell their products just didn’t have the space. We started by providing space for you. There is no $ 1,000 / month or such overhead. And you may have a connection with a tour company and have a website that brings together different talents and disciplines. . “

Miller explains that the vendor’s collection is part of a weekly tour of tourists, part of an e-commerce site, group marketing initiative, and ordering materials in bulk. Business owners are also trained to ensure that their products are priced correctly and participate in apprenticeship programs.

“IDiscover has begun to blossom in this economic impact, entering the orange economy, supporting the creative industries and providing the farmers market with a central location for business,” she said.

“And as we evolved more and more, it came to have a youth apprenticeship, so the transfer of culture and knowledge.

“Each vendor has a young person sitting with them every day and learns to do what the vendor is doing, so we use this knowledge while we grow our business. I also tell young people.

“It continues to evolve into what is needed to encourage the creative industries.”

According to Miller, tour companies are already interested in this concept. She explained that the market initially operates on Saturdays and Sundays. Outdoor market incubator iDiscover opens after COVID-19 hold-up

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