Over 1,000 phone calls and contacts to Childline at Christmas

Childline, a children’s charity, responded to over 1,000 phone calls, textbooks and online contacts from children and adolescents during Christmas.

Family conflict, mental health, and self-harm were one of the problems that children were talking about trying to support this year’s Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and St. Stephen’s Day.

This figure is a significant increase over last year when 723 children contacted charities.

John Church, CEO of the Irish Children’s Cruelty Prevention Association (ISPCC), said many children felt upset and isolated at Christmas.

“Christmas is often a time of great joy for children and adolescents, but we know that the magic of the season does not reach all children from those who look to childlines.” He said.

“This year, many children did not wake up on the Christmas day they dreamed of. Tensions surfaced at home or suffered from mental and emotional health challenges. Or maybe there was a vacant space on the table due to bereavement. Many turned to the childline and told us how they felt anxiety, agitation, and isolation. “

According to Church, more than 100 volunteers across Ireland have taken the time to prevent children and young people from having to face challenges alone during Christmas.

“No matter what happens to the hearts of children and adolescents at any time of the year, Childlines are here to listen, believe, support and empower them. This is a childline volunteer. This is made possible thanks to our extraordinary dedication. We are grateful for their generosity at Christmas to allow all children and adolescents to turn somewhere. I am sincerely grateful.”

He also thanked the people who supported the charity for this year’s donations and fundraising activities.

“On behalf of all the children and young people that Childline supports, we thank the Irish people for their efforts to maintain service here 24 hours a day, every year. A big thank you to everyone who has donated or found an innovative new way to raise money to keep us here for our children when many of the fundraising events we have are not possible. . “

The 24-hour active listening service is one of many childline services offered by ISPCC. According to the charity, you can contact us online for free, without judgment, without instructions:, Phone: 1800 66 66 66, or End of Text: 50101. Charity can be supported on /Christmas. Over 1,000 phone calls and contacts to Childline at Christmas

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