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Over 1,500 Violations by Qatar Grocery and Retail Stores-Doha News

Authorities have conducted large inspection campaigns throughout the year and have overseen grocery stores during major tournaments and events.

Qatar’s health and food safety authorities have conducted more than 36,000 tests grocery store As a result of recording more than 1,500 violations at domestic retail stores and dozens of stores, numerous fines were imposed and 177 stores were closed.

Of the 1,520 violations, 1,398 were settled in a settlement, according to an official statement.

According to the Doha City Health Department, most of the tests were for companies in Doha and industrial areas. All violations were issued in accordance with Qatar Law No. 8 of 1990 on the regulation of human food control.

The test also included taking 1,763 food samples for laboratory testing to confirm safety and compliance with set health standards. Authorities added that about 785 related complaints were received and addressed.

In addition to the inspection, food safety awareness was raised through briefing sessions for 2,763 store staff.

The agency also said that significant efforts were made to oversee the quality of food at major events such as food festivals and sports tournaments.

At the Cornish fish market alone, the ministry’s veterinarians inspected about 351 tonnes of fish, destroying 730 kg because it was “not suitable for human consumption.”

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