Over 400 essential medicines are not available

Attica’s Pharmaceutical Association complained of a serious shortage of medicines, with more than 400 essential medicines not available.

Pharmacists and patients are racing to secure some medicines, the FSA said. statement on wednesday.

According to the FSA, shortages are related to irreplaceable drugs such as pain relievers, antibiotics, antidiabetic drugs, antiepileptic drugs, anticoagulants and antidepressants.

The association appealed to the Ministry of Health and the National Organization for Medicines (EOF). Those responsible for the smooth supply of medicines to patients to “finally take all necessary measures.”

According to pharmacists, there are permanent shortages of more than 200 drugs that treat almost the entire spectrum of ailments.

The main reason for the shortage is the so-called “parallel import”. Similar shortage in the past too.

Exports are very profitable for drug manufacturers and distributors as Greece has the lowest drug prices in the EU.

Domestic profits are set at 4.67%, but exports to Germany, the UK or France could jump profits by more than 100%, media reports report.

Other, but less significant, reasons for the shortage are reportedly due to problems in the production of pharmaceuticals (lack of raw materials) and pharmaceuticals imported daily by the proprietary Pharmaceutical Research and Technology Company (IFET). It has also been reported to be associated with a decrease in the amount of Casimerini report. Over 400 essential medicines are not available

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