Over 5,000 Students Have Benefited from SEC Revision Classes Since 2013 – Government

According to the government, more than 5,000 students have benefited from SEC revision classes since 2013.

The SEC Revision Class has been held for the ninth consecutive year. This is an EU-funded, free initiative by JobsPlus under the Young Guarantee Project.

This initiative is open to students who will be taking the O-level re-examinations in Biology, English, Maltese, Mathematics and Physics in September.

Education Minister Clifton Grima said: “This initiative aims to encourage those who have failed to achieve scores in these subjects to not give up and continue their education.

Students studying in these revision classes receive free lessons from their teachers both online and in class. According to the government, students will have access to videos and online tests during class, as well as free past papers.

Lessons will begin on July 25th and will continue for five weeks at four centers around the country. Students could take classes in up to three subjects.

The minister said the government wants to invest in young people.

Chris Bonnet, Parliamentary Secretary, said that since 2013, through the Youth Guarantee, more than €1.4 million has been invested by the EU Social Fund, benefiting more than 5,000 students who attended SEC revised classes. I was.

“These correction classes are meant to help students who have failed in math, Maltese, English, biology or physics not give up and instead take the exam again and try to achieve their mark. We have invested in the future of our children, and we want and continue to research and invest in the future,” Bonnet said. Over 5,000 Students Have Benefited from SEC Revision Classes Since 2013 – Government

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