Over 60 new automated speed cameras operate across Ireland

More than 60 new speed safety cameras went live this morning as Gardai and the Road Safety Authority advised drivers to slow down.

The 61 cameras are spread across 23 counties, most of which are on regional and national routes.

Five people died on Irish roads over the weekend, bringing the total number of people killed in this year’s road accident to 94.

The location of the new camera was selected according to an analysis of collated Garda data obtained from fatal, serious, and minor road traffic collisions.

Gardai GPS coordinates You can also view an interactive map of camera locations on their website here..

The purpose of Supt Thomas Murphy of the Garda National Highway Police Department is to “make sure that the majority of people who use the road responsibly are not endangered by a few reckless drivers who continue to drive at excessive speeds.” Said there is.

“Deploying safety cameras has proven to save lives. I call on all road users to play their part in making roads safer for everyone.”

With the new camera, the number of cameras used nationwide will be about 1,400. Since 2010, automated speed cameras have been responsible for 2.2 million speed tickets. Road deaths fell from 415 in 2000 to a record low of 137 last year. Over 60 new automated speed cameras operate across Ireland

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