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Padel marks a new chapter when the first official world tour begins-Doha News

World Padel Tour (WPT) players are currently looking for ways to get out of the contract through the European Commission in Brussels. Doha News has learned that players will file a formal complaint within a few days.

The International Padel Federation (FIP) will launch its only official and fully regulated Padel Tour on Monday, marking a new chapter in the burgeoning history of sport.

“Finally, our sport has the freedom to shape its destiny. And under the rule of FIP, we sport at every corner of the world at all levels, including beginners, amateurs, adolescents and professional padels. “We will develop,” said Luigi Carraro, President of FIP.

The tour is scheduled to launch its first major game in March, with at least 10 tournaments scheduled for 2022 and 2023 each, with top player support and partnership with Qatar Sports Investments (QSI).

The annual number of tournaments is expected to exceed 25 by 2024.

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The tour includes four top-category events at what FIP ​​calls “spectacular venues” around the world.

“QSI is proud to work with the International Padel Federation and its players to build and shape Padel’s long-term future and create something truly special to its fans,” said Nacelle Arche of Qatar Sports Investments. President Raiffy said.

FIP, the governing body of sports, said tours are being conducted under a wider international sports community and institutions to further shift sports to the mainstream.

“This new chapter in Padel under the leadership of the FIP shows the specialization and globalization of sports, fully supported by the world’s leading athletes represented by the Professional Players Association (PPA). Read “New Global Strategic Partnership with QSI” and some of the FIP announcements.

Athletes to file a proceeding in Brussels

With sports gaining great traction in Qatar, maximum Indoor Padel Complex in the Arab World, Country Reportedly I’m trying to set up a new professional circuit for Padel.

However, this is a problem for many top Padel players who are bound under a contract with. World Padel Tour (WPT)-Operated by the Spanish beer company Estrella-Damm, not operated by FIP.

Under their contract, players are not allowed to freely participate in non-WPT tournaments around the world, and players are to file proceedings with the European Commission in Brussels.

A knowledgeable source said Doha News On Tuesday, the FIP and PPA are expected to file a complaint within a few days.

Sources said the case presented would be in line with the article. 101 and 102 Players are controlled by the WPT, so it’s about “position abuse” and sports monopoly.

WPT reportedly threatened players with legal action, Fines up to € 500,000.

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with over 25 million players worldwide. This number has doubled in the last five years alone.

FIP also aims to include this sport in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 2028.

Last November, Qatar hosted the World Padel Championships. This was the first time the Arab countries held it.

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