Pahall congratulates N Macedonia at the start of EU accession negotiations

Ljubljana / Skopje-President Borut Pahor spoke on Wednesday with Macedonian counterpart Stevo Pendalovsky about the start of negotiations to join the EU in North Macedonia. Pahor said this was the result of prudent Macedonian policy, and Pendalovsky was grateful for Slovenia’s support for the efforts of EU member states.

The EU began negotiations for accession with North Macedonia on Tuesday. After the Macedonian parliament passed a French mediation agreement to end the dispute with Bulgaria, which interfered with negotiations with France. On Monday, other member states decided how North Macedonia would replace EU law with domestic law and approved the framework for consultation.

The President of Slovenia congratulated Penderovsky on his way to the EU. He emphasized that this was an important signal for the region as a whole, as it strengthened the confidence in the European perspective of the West Balkans.

Mr. Pendalovsky thanked Mr. Pahor for his support in Slovenia and said he was looking forward to the Summit of the Burdbrijuni Regional Cooperation Initiative on September 12th in Burdoplikrange.

North Macedonia has been a candidate for EU accession since 2005. Greece first blocked the bid, demanded a change of country name, and then Bulgaria blocked negotiations on issues concerning the Bulgarian minority in the country. North Macedonia has now agreed to include a minority in its constitution and change its history textbooks.

Albania, along with North Macedonia, began negotiations for accession yesterday. Pahall congratulates N Macedonia at the start of EU accession negotiations

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