Pahall encourages support for Bosnia’s EU candidate status

President Riga-Bort Pahor supports Slovenia’s proposal at the EU Summit later this week to give Bosnia and Herzegovina EU candidate status at the Three Seas Initiative summit in Latvia on Monday. I urged the leaders of the Three Seas EU countries. ..

Leaders discussed the future of the EU in the West Balkans and the region’s position in the current European political and security structure, Pahor’s office said.

Pahor said he was confident that the candidate’s position would strengthen Bosnia’s pro-European forces and accelerate the pace of the country’s adaptation to EU standards, reiterating the importance of the EU’s rapid expansion into the West Balkans. ..

“This seems to be one of the last chances for the EU to tell Bosnia and Herzegovina about its political agreement that it believes in a European perspective without setting conditions for this decision. This is a strong sign of confidence and confidence in Bosnia’s political power, “he said.

Some leaders, including Polish President Andrzej Duda, clearly supported Slovenia’s proposal, but no one publicly opposed it.

“It’s only a short time before EU leaders get together over the weekend, and Bosnia has been waiting for the first signal from the EU on the European road for nearly 20 years. My letter is late, but the leader is at that moment. I know how important it is to grab. I hope the EU will not miss this wonderful opportunity. “

At the summit, Pahall is also on track to achieve the strategic goal of the Three Seas Initiative, which brings together the 12 countries around the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas, to better connect the north and southeast. Said. Part of the EU.

But he believes that the region’s ties to the western EU should also be improved, along with its ties to its eastern and southeastern neighbors. Thus he welcomed the activities of the Three Seeds Foundation and encouraged environmentally friendly infrastructure projects.

The summit focused primarily on the war in Ukraine and how it cooperates with the country, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressing his leaders via a video link. The summit has adopted a joint declaration featuring a decision to invite Ukraine to partner in the initiative.

Beside the summit, Pahall held several bilateral meetings, including Hungary’s new President Katalin Novak, who invited him to visit Slovenia.

They confirm amicable bilateral relations and Pahor is confident that Slovenia and Hungary will continue their regular and constructive dialogue.

Three Seas brings together Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovenia. Its permanent partners are the United States, Germany, and the European Commission.

This initiative was first announced as a bystander to the UN General Assembly in New York in September 2015. The Presidential Summit has been held since 2016 and is currently the seventh. Pahall attended all of them. He was invited to the Riga Summit by President Egils Levits of Latvia. Pahall encourages support for Bosnia’s EU candidate status

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