Pakistan: Heavy monsoon rains and flash floods have wreaked havoc on the cash-strapped country.Deaths soar to 903

Islamabad, August 25: As many as 903 people have been killed, nearly 1,300 injured and thousands more injured as heavy monsoon rains and flash floods continue to wreak havoc in Pakistan since June, according to the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA). I lost my home.

More than 70 people have died and more than 82,000 homes have been damaged in parts of the country in the last 24 hours, according to NDMA statistics. The United Nations is helping underfunded Pakistan and Afghanistan deal with the devastating floods.

Pakistan has urged the international community to support relief efforts as the country struggles to cope with the aftermath of heavy rains that have caused massive flooding, Xinhua News Agency reports.

Minister for Climate Change Shelly Lehman said the current climate catastrophe is not only in the form of food, shelter and basic survival facilities, but also in relief efforts, prompting international and national humanitarian efforts to He said he needed mobilization.

“Given the scale of the disaster, there is no doubt that the state and even Islamabad are capable of coping with a climate disaster of this magnitude on their own. Lives are at risk and thousands are left homeless. It is important for international partners to mobilize their support,” he said.

According to the NDMA, Sindh remains one of the hardest-hit areas, with 293 people killed in various rain-related incidents and subsequent floods, followed by 230 in Balochistan.

The total death toll also includes 169 reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 164 reported in Punjab. Floods have damaged more than 495,000 homes across Pakistan since June, according to the NDMA, excluding roads being washed away and bridges being damaged.

With more rain expected in the country, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday instructed relevant authorities to expedite rescue and relief operations in flood-affected areas. “Reconstruction of disaster-hit areas is a tremendous undertaking…this is only possible through collective efforts,” Sharif said.

Meanwhile, local authorities are continuing relief efforts alongside the Pakistani military, sending food, tents, medicine and other essentials to nearly every flood-affected area in the South Asian country.

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