Pakistan: Imran Khan arrives in Islamabad, party caravan first converges towards rally grounds in Rawalpindi after assassination bid

Islamabad/Rawalpindi, November 26: Imran Khan arrived here on Saturday accompanied by a team of doctors and his nephew. From there, the former Pakistani prime minister travels by helicopter to the Rawalpindi garrison and addresses a mega rally for the first time since being injured during the assassination bid.

70-year-old Khan, recovering from bullet wounds in November 3 shooting, is ready to call on Rawalpindi supporters for new general elections, protests are “totally peaceful” said repeatedly. Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says everyone will get a “surprise” on November 26.

Khan landed at Nur Khan Air Base on a charter flight from Lahore, accompanied by a team of doctors and his nephew Ahmed Khan Niazi, according to the Express Tribune. He traveled by helicopter to Rawalpindi and landed at the heliport of Barani University, from where he will travel to the rally venue, the report said.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi police have sent a letter to the supreme leader of Pakistan’s Terek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, urging him to ensure implementation of the former prime minister’s VIP security provisions, Geo TV reported on Saturday. Khan is also advised to wear a bulletproof jacket, not to get out of the car on the way to the rally venue, and to keep his movements secret. Imran Khan praises India’s ‘exemplary’ foreign policy. He criticized the incumbent Pakistani government.

Khan left his Zaman Park residence in Lahore around 1pm local time and boarded a bulletproof vehicle that was sent to his home. He plans to address his supporters around 6pm. b Meanwhile, a motorcade of PTI leaders, workers and supporters is heading to Rawalpindi on Saturday for his Azadi march in Haqiqi, a report in the Express His Tribune said.

PTI Executive Director Asad Umar said the rally would be “historic”.

Khan’s supporters are traveling from all corners of the country to Islamabad’s twin sister city of Rawalpindi, where the stage is set at the Six Roads Flyover in the middle of historic Murree Road .

Some ardent supporters who had already landed in the city were housed in temporary tents set up in Alama Iqbal Park near the rally venue. PTI Senator Azam Khan Swati said the ‘Hakiki Azadi’ movement was about to reach its destination.

In a video message shared by PTI on its official Twitter account, Swati said:

The Rawalpindi government has issued a notice that the English cricket team will soon arrive in Rawalpindi. The former cricketer-turned-politician said on Friday he was determined to head to Rawalpindi for his country despite his injury.

Khan said in his message that he was fighting for true independence of the country and that the struggle would continue until new elections were announced.

“We are at war for Haqiqi Azadi. The one-point agenda is elections,” he said, accusing the current government of destroying the economy and fleeing elections for fear of defeat.

Separately, he told news channels that if no snap elections are announced and the government sticks to its stance of holding general elections as scheduled next October, the populace will force the incumbent rulers out. Said deaf.

“The Haqiqi Azadi movement will not end today (November 26) and will continue until there is no justice,” he said. He called on the public to arrive at the garrison to protest.

“Tomorrow (Saturday) we will go to Rawalpindi because it is a decisive time in this country.

The former prime minister said several elements wanted an altercation between him and the army. .

Khan said two bullet wounds to his thigh are healing, but a third bullet penetrated the lower part of his leg, making it difficult for him to walk. He also admitted that he still faces threats and will take all precautions.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaura said on Friday that Khan would get a date for the snap elections through protests. should,” he said.

There are intelligence reports of threats to his life, and his party also acknowledges the looming threat.

Sanaura also warned that Khan’s life was threatened and urged him to postpone the rally. Mr Khan said he would take every precaution.

He also said it wasn’t the first attack on his life, as his helicopter had to make an emergency landing last month.

PTI Executive Director Asad Umar also said Khan faces threats and the government will be held accountable if anything happens to him. wants to maintain the political momentum it generated in the immediate aftermath of the no-confidence vote in April this year.

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