Pakistan: PoK Fear Contrasts India’s Jammu and Kashmir Developments

Muzaffarabad, August 6th: The stark contrast in the development of the two Kashmirs is causing unrest in Pakistani-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) as India implements several new projects in Jammu and Kashmir to meet the demands of its citizens.

The PoK’s fears are evident in the so-called Youm-e-Istehsal (Day of Exploitation) being observed under the auspices of the Pak, and the PoK government has been able to garner much support from the public and Islamist parties. No, local media reported.

Moreover, the gravity of the PoK situation can be gauged by a pamphlet in which a PoK girl kicks a pack army jeep on the eve of the so-called Yomuye Istesar, declaring that “the daughters of Kashmir decide their future.” increase.

Feelings toward Pakistan, the puppet PoK government, the Park Geun-hye army, and other security forces, in relation to the proposed 15th Amendment, tourism authorities, and the occupation of PoK land by Pakistani forces to establish facilities, Fierce and alarming, local media reported. China is conducting a simulation of an attack on Taiwan, the defense ministry in Taipei said.

The PoK, like any government that favors corrupt politicians, has suffered numerous budget cuts as China encroaches on its territory and uses land to fulfill its ambitions.

Pakistan’s federal government has gone to great lengths to appease China, allowing its golden plan to form a route through the PoK. Thousands of Chinese engineers and workers are stationed at his PoK, reports Asian Lite International.

The PoK also states that Islamabad remains an undeveloped region as it treats it as a center of terrorism, whereas New Delhi, with its policy of development, peace and prosperity, makes Jammu and Kashmir the most developed regions in the world. looking for one.

There is no comparison between PoK’s capital Muzaffarabad and JK’s twin capitals Srinagar or Jammu. It’s like comparing the metropolises of Mumbai and Kolkata to rural India, reports Asian Light International. Pakistan quietly imprisons 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack handler Sajid Majid Mir for 15 years in terror financing case.

JK has 4 airports and PoK has only 2 airports. JK has 35 colleges and PoK has only 6. JK has 2,812 hospitals providing free medical care to people, while PoK has only 23 hospitals and many people. Asian Light International is dying every month due to lack of basic medical facilities and anti-venom vaccines.

Due to poor road conditions and lack of safety infrastructure in PoK, there are daily reports of people dying in car crashes driving into ravines.

In February of this year, Federal Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented a budget of 1.12 crore (US$13.33 billion) for the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir for 2022-2023. The budget aims to build the economy and create jobs in the Himalayan region.

JK’s budget is focused on education, home and public health engineering, with power development having the largest allocation for fiscal year 2022-2023.

JK’s economy is expected to grow by 7.5% at current prices during 2021-2022, reports Asian Lite International.

In JK, four national highway projects are due to be completed in 2022. Ten new road/tunnel projects have been agreed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India under Bharatmala.The total length over the Chenab River is 1,315 meters. The world’s tallest railway bridge is set to be completed by September 2022.

Projects under the Prime Minister’s development package saw expenditure of Rs 3,611.2 crore.

A total of 25 projects have been completed/substantially completed and an additional 4 may be completed by the end of the current fiscal year.

Meanwhile, the PoK’s annual budget for 2021-22 is PKR 141 billion, or just over US$ 78.55 million.

Recently, PoK Finance Minister Abdul Majid Khan said the federal government had cut the PoK’s development budget by Rs 5.2 billion, which could lead to serious imbalances in the financial system, Khan said.

Pakistan’s federal government was to provide PoK with Rs 49.9 billion as a 3.64% share (variable subsidy) of the federal tax pool, which was also reduced by Rs 4.4 billion.

PoK ministers believe that the federal government’s decision to cut budget allocations could have an uncontrollable impact on the PoK’s financial system, making the region poorer.

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