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Pakistan’s energy minister blames legal issues on domestic gas issues

Islamabad: Among the ongoing energy issues in Pakistan, Pakistan’s Federal Energy Minister has blamed the legal issue for failing to meet domestic gas demand.

At a state-run broadcaster, Energy Minister Hamad Azhar said that winter domestic consumer gas demand would be met by reducing supply to non-exporting general industries and private power plants. But this year, the Sind High Court (SHC) issued a stay order on reductions, the minister added.

Mr. Azhal had several complaints about low gas pressure at the end of the grid, but Dawn reported that there was a specific reason for the lack of supply of goods to domestic consumers in Karachi.

The minister told the media that gas companies would ensure proper control of gas supply to domestic consumers, despite serious constraints such as depletion of existing natural gas reserves and high demand during peak winter months. He said he was doing his best.

According to the minister, domestic consumer gas demand increased by 3-5% in the winter, which was met by reducing supply to other sectors according to a priority list set by the government.

According to experts, Pakistani people are not enough to cook their daily meals, as successive governments have distributed gas connections like sweet cakes.

According to the Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), gas is usually cheap and readily available, but Pakistanis are currently struggling to deal with gas outages that last for hours.

In particular, domestic household consumers are also seeing a sharp increase in monthly charges.

https://www.siasat.com/pakistan-energy-minister-blames-legal-hitch-for-domestic-gas-woes-2248057/ Pakistan’s energy minister blames legal issues on domestic gas issues

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