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Pakistan’s House of Councilors passes resolution and accuses Sialkot of Lynch

Islamabad: The Pakistani House of Councilors on Friday unanimously passed a resolution condemning the lynching case of Sialkot, where Sri Lankan citizens were brutally murdered.

Earlier this month, a mob lynched Sri Lankan factory manager Priyansa Kumara on a blasphemous allegation. The mob after killing him burned his body.

“The unfortunate incident of this horrific atrocities reflects the idea of ​​the radical elements that exist in our society that have hurt not only the peaceful image of Pakistan but also Islam,” the Express Tribune newspaper said. I read the resolution quoted by.

Moreover, this atrocities completely violate Islamic principles, teachings, injunctions, holy prophet practices, morale and human values, Pakistan’s constitution and law, and Pakistani social practices and norms. Stated.

“The house expresses deep sympathy for the bereaved family of Priyansa Kumara,” the resolution said. “The house also reflects the sadness and sorrow felt and expressed at the national level about this brutal and shameful incident by Pakistani people, including political leaders and Islamic scholars.”

Previously, several human rights groups had accused the killings of Sialkot.

Pakistan has registered thousands of blasphemy cases, most of which, from 1987 to today, opposed religious minorities such as Hindus, Christians, Shiites, and Ahmadiys, according to several reports by rights groups. is doing.

Many of these blasphemy cases in Pakistan are still awaiting justice.

https://www.siasat.com/pakistan-upper-house-passes-resolution-flays-sialkot-lynching-2247508/ Pakistan’s House of Councilors passes resolution and accuses Sialkot of Lynch

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