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Palestinian man (80 years old) found dead after being attacked

Reuters Jill Giriya / West Bank

Palestinian officials and relatives have died yesterday after an 80-year-old Palestinian man, described by his family as a U.S. citizen, was detained and handcuffed when Israel attacked an occupied West Bank village. Was found.
The body of Omar Abdalmajid Assad was found early in the morning in Jillsilia and remained with a plastic cable tie on one wrist, villagers told Reuters.
Israeli forces confirmed that they had carried out an overnight operation in the village, and that the Palestinians were “arrested after resisting the check.” He was said to have been alive when the soldiers released him.
“The Military Police Crimes Investigation Division is considering the case, and as a result, the findings will be transferred to the Legal Corps,” he said in a statement.
As Add’s brother told Reuters, Add was an American citizen, a former Milwaukee in Wisconsin, who lived in the United States for decades and returned 10 years ago.
The US Embassy declined to comment.
‘ad’s family has postponed the funeral to this day to allow afterlife.
Islam Abu Zaher, a local doctor who tried to revive As’ad but found no pulse, said there were no obvious signs of injury and the cause of death was unknown.
“He may have suffered a heart attack or some form of panic,” Abu Zahar told Reuters, saying that Assad had previously had an open heart surgery and cardiac catheterization. “We will need to have an autopsy.”
Fouad Qattoum, chairman of the Jiljilya village council, said As’ad was home after visiting his relatives when Israeli soldiers stopped his car, tied him up, blindfolded him, and took him to a building still under construction. Said he was back.
Another villager said he saw Israeli soldiers walking in Assad around 3 am. According to vegetable seller Mamdouh Elaboud, “the body of the ad was found more than an hour later, so he himself was detained for 20 minutes and then released.”
“After the soldiers were gone, we noticed someone on the ground,” 55-year-old Elaboud told Reuters. “He was lying down on the ground, and when we turned him over, we found an old man with no signs of life.”
In a Facebook page post, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Steyer accused the man of his death, calling the Israeli army a “crime.” Lieutenant Colonel Amnon Schaeffler, a spokesman for the Israeli army, said the army “acts in line with our values ​​and protocol and investigates the case in a thorough and professional manner.”

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