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Pandemic changes the consumption behavior of cafe customers

Majid Osman

Kuwait: After the pandemic, many things have changed in our lifestyle and the way we see the world. One thing that has changed since the COVID pandemic is cafe spending and daily coffee purchases. Because many people allocate a monthly budget to this practice even though it costs a lot, even if others cut back.

Ahmad Jassem said he visits coffee shops 3-4 times a week as he seeks a change in his daily routine due to the lack of recreational activities in the country, with an average spending on coffee of 1-1. I added that it is 60-70 KD per month. On his daily coffee-buying habits, he said, “For me, buying coffee every day and going to cafes is irresistible. I’m giving it. I need caffeine every day after I hit the gym and work out.”

Jacem said that the proliferation of coffee shops across the country has changed lifestyles and made it easier to grab a cup at the drive-thru to go to work or the gym, making it easier for people to buy. said to have risen.

Heba Ahmad said he has been going to the cafe for years, spending $60 to $70 a month on shisha and coffee. “As more cafes opened in the country, more people started visiting them. “Before the pandemic, I was spending over $90 in cafes,” she said.

“Most of the time we spend money on things like that because we feel boredom, which is what usually drives people’s spending behavior. You’re more likely to spend when you’re on your way to a coffee shop or when there’s a drive-thru, or when they offer a lot. We’re driving sales because we’re unknowingly forced to buy.”

Jumana Al-Sabbah says she doesn’t spend much because she doesn’t go to cafes often due to her busy schedule. She noted that the demand for visiting cafes has decreased after the pandemic because most people are accustomed to making the items they normally order at cafes at home. I pointed out that visiting and spending money there has changed. “During the pandemic, people have gotten used to spending more time at home than going out and sitting in cafes,” she said.

Of those who spend a lot of money on coffee each month, she said such behavior is exaggerated. After that, life changed a lot, not only on a social level, but also economically,” Nael said.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/pandemic-changes-spending-behavior-of-cafe-customers/ Pandemic changes the consumption behavior of cafe customers

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