Paper blames NIJZ for wait times in medical care

Koper – In a commentary on Saturday, headlining that patients are not the only ones to blame for wait times, the newspaper Primorske Novice said the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) was also to blame for long wait times. I’m here. A referral registration system at the national level.

The paper argues that the system that the NIJZ has operated for years to maintain health care waiting lists is so flawed that it prevents referred patients from lining up for certain procedures at several providers. It states that enabling it is unacceptable. .

This is a single, unified waiting time linked and coordinated from one place at the highest level, while NIJZ receives waiting time data from its eHealth system and individual hospital IT systems. Not possible if the system is in the country.

The paper states that any country that acquires a single system “should have been left to the NIJZ in the first place, and it clearly has failed in its mission.”

Duplicate referrals are not possible when all relevant data is accessible to everyone. Each time a new patient is enrolled for a particular medical procedure, the system indicates if and where the patient has already been booked for the same procedure.

He concludes that over the years, the NIJZ has failed to clean up its waiting list or make all data for all healthcare providers visible and accessible. Paper blames NIJZ for wait times in medical care

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