Parents of autistic twin “exciting” school locations are finally secured

Parents of 11-year-old twin boys with autism were repeatedly denied the right school location for their children for several years, but as a result of government ministerial intervention and a public apology from the government, they were “excited”. “I will” said that a place was found. Prime Minister of Ireland.

However, Gillian and Darren Milne expressed concern that it took a very long time to resolve the issue and why they need to draw attention to support the entire media channel (most recently including the RTÉ Primetime report). I wondered.

The Milne family has repeatedly called on the state to help find a school location for children Ryan and Kyle who are non-verbal and need special help. However, they were repeatedly told that there was no place in their area because all the colleges were oversubscribed.

Joseph Madigan, Minister of Special Education and Inclusion, met Milnes on Friday morning to confirm that a suitable special school could be found.

“We’re excited about the boys. I don’t realize. If it was that simple, why did it take to sort out all these years? But I’m very happy with Ryan and Kyle. “I’m doing it,” Milne told RTÉ.

Milne said he was happy with the result, but said the family had to tell their story twice before it happened.

“To get this result, we had to talk about our family twice during prime time. We need special help, so these have to go to secure a school space for our boys. It’s terrible to have a length that had to be, “he said.

“Our ultimate goal was to get the right school location to meet the needs of boys, but we’ve achieved that. Hopefully it gets the location in a setting that suits their needs. Will open the door for all other children with special needs. “

On Wednesday, Taoiseach Michelál Martin apologized to Dáil’s Milne family and admitted that the state had failed them.

The couple first appeared in the program in 2019 when the twins were eight years old.

In a leader’s question, Labor leader Ivana Basik said that accessing school locations for children with autism was a “national problem.” She said the Milne family was “fighting every year” for twin sons Ryan and Kyle to access the right place for a special school.

In response, Martin said he saw the program, and the state’s reaction wasn’t enough.

“The state has failed in providing the Milne family, especially Ryan and Kyle, with the right and comprehensive education to meet their needs,” he said.

“I apologize to the Milne family on behalf of the government, simply because it’s not enough. I don’t support this. I think the system lacks positivity. All the people I spoke to today I think I’m crazy about getting this right. “ Parents of autistic twin “exciting” school locations are finally secured

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