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Parliament cuts fines for health violations to KD50

By BIzzak

Kuwait: Parliament yesterday approved an amendment to the Health Prevention Act of 1969, reducing fines for violations in public places, such as for coronavirus control, to 50 KD instead of 5,000 KD. MP Mohannad Al-Sayer said the amendment would resolve approximately 8,000 cases referred to the court for coronavirus violations. The amendment will come into effect after it is published in the official bulletin.

During the session, the MP, which was postponed prematurely due to a lack of quorum, approved a recommendation to the government on measures against the coronavirus pandemic. Last week we were unable to approve the recommendations due to lack of quorum. The recommendation calls on the government to ease restrictions on unvaccinated people by allowing them to enter the mall because of negative PCR tests and allowing them to travel to permitted countries.

They also consider people who are immune to the disease after two vaccinations and want them to be able to travel. The non-binding recommendations require the government to exempt returning citizens from conducting PCR tests abroad and to replace them with PCR tests upon arrival.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health reported 3,463 new cases of coronavirus yesterday. This is because the numbers have been declining for over a week. At the same time, he announced a recovery of 5,203 people and one death. Dr. Abdullah al-Sanad, an official spokesman for the ministry, said 94 patients were in the ICU and 474 were in the COVID-19 ward.

The Ministry of Health also said that an unusually large number of people had arrived at the Kuwait immunization center in Mishlev due to inaccurate information that residents were allowed to take booster shots without prior reservation. According to the statement, thanks to coordination between security officials and volunteers, the situation was controlled and Stampede did no harm or harm to anyone.

The ministry called on all citizens and residents to obtain information from official sources and promise a designated date and time to protect the health and safety of all. Earlier, the Home Office pointed out that the security team immediately responded to the overcrowding at the vaccination center and the situation was immediately put under control.

In other parliamentary news, Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmad al-Nasser al-Saber will investigate what he called a vulgar video that MP Scheive al-Mwaizli showed yesterday during the grill on Tuesday. I called on the Diet. In a letter to Speaker of Parliament Marzouq Al-Ghanem, the minister said such images would undermine the integrity of ministry officials.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/national-assembly-cuts-fines-for-health-violations-to-kd-50/ Parliament cuts fines for health violations to KD50

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