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Parliament does not have a quarantine room for infected MPs

Kuwait: The Secretariat of the Kuwait Parliament yesterday decided that Parliament would not have an isolation room for parliamentarians infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) during the upcoming parliamentary session. According to a post on the Secretariat’s Twitter account, this decision is based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. A message exchanged between Pakistan’s Speaker of the National Assembly, Marzouk Arganem, and Minister of Health, Dr. Caled Arsade, was displayed. On Wednesday, Ghanem is entitled to take exceptional steps to protect the country from a pandemic outbreak, in accordance with Article 15 of the Health Prevention Act 8 (1969), in response to requests from some members of parliament. I asked a minister for medical advice.

Chair Ganem postponed the session scheduled yesterday due to a lack of quorum after the ministers did not attend. This session was scheduled to be held at the request of Parliament to consider amending the provisions of judicial nationality. Also yesterday, a meeting was held with Speaker of Parliament Marzouk al-Ganem, Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Khaled al-Hamad al-Saber, Chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice, and Chairman of the Court of Cassation Ahmad al-Azir. .. Bayan Palace. The meeting was at the request of His Highness Amir Sheikh Nawaf al Ahmad al Javert al Sabah. – Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/national-assembly-wont-have-isolation-room-for-infected-mps/ Parliament does not have a quarantine room for infected MPs

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