Parpro expects demand for game consoles and kiosks to recover

According to the company, ODM Parpro shows that clients are increasingly accepting shipments of game consoles and kiosks, and as the pandemic eases, demand for such equipment is recovering from the bottom level. increase.

In addition, Parpro manufactures PCBs for use in low earth orbit (LEO) satellites and is Starlink’s supply chain maker. Purpro has developed a number of new devices for use with the LEO satellites currently being certified, the company said.

Since establishing two factories in California, Parpro has become a component supply chain manufacturer for North American-based aerospace and defense equipment suppliers, one in Nevada and the other in Mexico. I did. Since many of these suppliers require production in North America, Parpro is working with a Taiwan-based component manufacturer that does not have a production line in North America by using its US or Mexican factories for outsourced production. The company says it is ready to cooperate.

Palpro will issue a five-year interest-free convertible bond for NT $ 500 million (US $ 17.6 million), most of which will be used to expand production capacity.

Parpro’s February consolidated sales were NT $ 158.2 million, up 5.63% monthly, up 19.96% year-on-year, and January-February consolidated sales were NT $ 307.9 million, 25.40% year-on-year. Increased. Parpro expects demand for game consoles and kiosks to recover

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