Parties Prepare to Hear President’s Pitch / Article

As of now, there is only speculation about the candidate’s identity, and the name has not been officially announced, but one thing is already clear. A politician must compromise to find a candidate for whom he can get 51 votes out of 100 Saejima members. She reported he LTV on March 18th.

State President Egils Levits has not yet announced whether he will run for the office again. He said it was up to Saejima’s politicians. Both parties do not have much time, as they have to submit their presidential candidacy to Saejima from May 9 to 13.

The National Alliance, which has been avidly pushing for Levitz to become head of state for several years, is in no rush to pledge its support, with a party council meeting in early April to decide on a candidate.

“We will definitely offer the current president a meeting with the Council of the National Alliance, after which a decision will be made by the council as to whether we are ready to nominate Mr. Levitts. Of course, it will also become clear whether or not Mr. Levitts is ready to run. sect.

The United List has not deviated from its original intention to promote its own candidates to high office. The party has yet to reveal whether he will become the founder of Uldis Pīlēns, a coalition of minor parties, as rumored among bystanders.

Edgar Tavers, chairman of the United List-Saima faction, stressed, “As soon as we put forward a presidential candidate, this candidate is definitely not Egils Levitz.”

New Unity will discuss the issue of presidential candidates at a joint board and factional meeting in the coming weeks. Vice-President of the European Commission, his Valdis Dombrovskis name is mentioned among potential candidates in Saeima’s hall.

“These are only speculations at the moment, because we need to understand that it is difficult for European countries to rotate commissioners and hold the same positions, as the positions correspond to the experience of each commissioner. Valdis Dombrowski currently holds the highest position in principle, in the wake of the independence of our Latvian state, in one of the international organizations. Both people should consider.

The opposition Green Farmers Union (ZZS) is another party set to decide whether to put its name on parliament in early April. Jelgava mayor Andris Lavish is one of the whispered names. One thing he is already clear about is that the party is certain not to support Levitz’s re-election.

“Perhaps the Union [of parties allied within ZZS] There are no candidates. In a situation like this, it is only natural that ZZS would have to decide on the candidate,” admits ZZS President Viktors Vallainis.

Another opposition party, the Progressive Party, takes a different approach, listing five criteria needed to endorse a presidential candidate. These include a strong reputation, recognition of the rule of law and commitment to sustainable development.

“If we identify a candidate, we primarily support that candidate, but if we need to evaluate Levitz’s candidacy in any way, of course we invite the president to a meeting with the faction. Of course, wait for the president’s answer,” said Kasperth Bryshkens, chairman of the progressive Saima faction.

Two other opposition parties, Latvija In First Place and For Stability!, are vehemently opposed to Levits’ second term.

On May 29, 2019, Egils Levits, a former European Union Court judge, became President of Latvia. 61 members of Saima voted for him in the first round of voting.

In Latvia, the president is elected by the 100 Saima deputies rather than by popular vote, so the election campaign, usually behind closed doors, involves a large number of voters to obtain the 51 votes needed to run the day. You need bargaining and trading.

For a full explanation of how presidents are chosen on Election Day, This story from our archiveAdditionally, the president’s official website states that lots of information In English. Parties Prepare to Hear President’s Pitch / Article

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