Passengers land planes in Florida after pilots receive emergency medical care

In Palm Beach, Florida, passengers were forced to land a small private plane on Tuesday after pilots became inconsistent. ABC7 Los Angeles..passenger It was the only other person on board aircraft. ABC News I got a voice recording of a passenger talking to air traffic control.

In recording, The passenger said: I don’t know how to fly an airplane. ”

At that time, air traffic controller Robert Morgan was working. WPBF He reported that he was a flight instructor and had 20 years of experience under his belt.

“I knew the plane was flying like any other plane. I knew I had to calm him down and teach him how to reduce power so he could land on the runway. “Morgan said. WPBF..

CNN reported In another audio recording, we hear air traffic controllers telling other aircraft that they saw passengers with no flight experience and landed on the plane. An American Airlines pilot said, “Did you say that the passengers landed on the plane? … What the hell. Well done.”

There are no reports of pilot status. The New York post reported Federal Aviation Administration said They believe that a medical emergency has occurred that makes the pilot inconsistent, but investigations are currently underway.

The names of the passengers who landed on the plane have not yet been announced.

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https://www./u-s-world/2022/5/11/23066966/passenger-landed-private-plane-pilot-incapacitated-medical-emergency-florida Passengers land planes in Florida after pilots receive emergency medical care

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