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Passengers must disclose whether they have SR60,000.

Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) emphasized the importance of disclosing whether passengers are carrying items worth more than SR60,000 in their luggage total.

ZATCA said disclosure is required regardless of whether the traveler is coming to Saudi Arabia or departing from there.

Travelers must disclose the goods, complete a declaration, and submit it electronically through the application or ZATCA’s website.

Items requiring disclosure are all or equivalent currency, gemstones, precious metals, or equivalent foreign currency worth SR60,000 or more.

According to ZATCA, this declaration is a requirement to prevent travelers from being prosecuted for money laundering, smuggling, and evading the payment of legal fees and taxes.

For more information please check the following link: https://www.customs.gov.sa/en/declare#

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/625350/SAUDI-ARABIA/Passengers-are-required-to-disclose-if-they-are-carrying-SR60000?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Passengers must disclose whether they have SR60,000.

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