Passengers said the Gatwick flight took off “in the sky” due to a delay

Passengers booked on Vueling from Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom were told that the plane had left the sky due to a delay at West Sussex Airport.

Flight VY6209 was scheduled to take off for the Italian city of Florence at 8:20 pm on Monday.

However, the Airbus A319, which can carry up to 144 passengers, departed nearly two hours late with no one on board for a 734-mile flight.

Nisha Gupta, 32, from Windsor, Berkshire, was booked on a plane with her husband Ash.

She said she was forced to line up for more than four hours to check in her luggage, but when she arrived at the departure gate, she was informed that passengers could not board the plane due to lack of staff.

She states:

“The environmental impact of this is insane, and it was clearly decided to prioritize cost impact over customer experience and environmental impact.

“Throughout this experience, there were up to three staff members working on all Vueling Airlines of the day.

“We arrived at the airport at 3 pm and had to wait to process all canceled flights, get the details and provide the details to one staff member who tried to book people at the hotel. I didn’t leave until 2am after I didn’t.

“No food or drink was served. There was no meal voucher based on the customer’s rights in the event of a delay.”

Airline passengers at Gatwick Airport continued to face serious problems.


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One person posted a photo of a large number of people waiting for check-in. He “needs to grasp this absolute turmoil at Gatwick Airport.

“One of the staff who handles so many people is totally unacceptable. Do you understand the impact this has on people?”

The airline was asked to comment.

X Passengers said the Gatwick flight took off “in the sky” due to a delay

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