Patients with symptoms similar to the new coronavirus surge in Yangjiang Province

North Korean state media released a photo of the pharmacy on June 13. (Rodong Sinmun – News1)

According to Daily NK, the Yangjiang province has recently seen a spike in cases of high fever, cough and other COVID-like symptoms.

Sources in Yangjiang Province told Daily NK on Thursday that there has been a spike in “COVID-like” cases in certain areas such as Hyesan since mid-January.

“There seems to be an increasing number of cases of weakened immune systems due to the combination of extreme cold and hunger,” he said.

Sources said that recently many residents of Yangjiang Province have complained of high fever, cough, phlegm and severe joint pain.

However, at medical institutions such as hospitals, they are uniformly diagnosed with influenza, etc., and are told to continue taking cold medicine.

Sources say patients are left to suffer because they don’t even know if they have the flu or COVID-19.

However, more and more patients are suffering from similar symptoms, making the drug more difficult to obtain in pharmacies and markets, and even when found, it is reportedly ineffective.

In fact, a 40-year-old man (surname Choi) from Hyedan-dong, Hyesan, bought three days of aspirin to treat a high fever, cough, and joint pain that had persisted since January 19.

However, he is still reportedly in pain, as the aspirin had little effect after running out of it.

Even in downtown areas such as Haehun-dong and Haesing-dong, cold medicines and antipyretics do not work, and there are voices saying that “there are only fake medicines on the market” and “even if you have money, you can’t buy real medicines.” ”

A Samsu County man in his 50s (his surname is Park) reportedly went to the county hospital on January 18 with a high fever but was not given an accurate diagnosis or medication.

The hospital only told me to take cold medicine and fever reducer three times a day.

“Everybody knows that they have to take medicine,” Park said. I came to the hospital because I didn’t have medicine at home and I didn’t have money to buy it, but the doctor didn’t give me medicine. ”

Sources say local outrage is at its peak as hospitals give out useless prescriptions, drugs are difficult to buy and have proved ineffective.

He continued, “People don’t think about going to the hospital even if they have a high fever. “Nowadays, even if you have money, it’s hard to get medical treatment.”

Translated by David Black. Edited by Robert Laurer.

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