Paul Mitchell: Break up with players only if you have a big offer

When the athlete returns to training, AS Monaco Sporting Director Paul Mitchell tells the media about record rates. Chuameni, other transfer goals, and club pre-season activities.

Monaco’s achievements in the 2021/22 season are still memorable, but the early start of the season with the Champions League playoff tie in early August means that players have already returned to training. Monaco life Sporting director Paul Mitchell answered questions from the media after attending Philipp Klement’s pre-men’s season preparations at La Turbie on Tuesday.

Will AS Monaco move into the transfer market now that Aurélien Tchoameni has been sold?

It didn’t seem like a long break. We talked about the end of the season here just a few weeks ago, but we’re already in a new season. At that point, we were talking about Aurélien Tchameni. We all see how Real Madrid became fast and aggressive to get his service. When the old season is over, the new season begins. We always aim to strengthen a young team that is aggressive, very talented and ambitious.

Monaco life: Are you satisfied with the price you have achieved for Chuameni? And what type of player are you targeting for him?

In terms of market value, I think this kind of value and the value of this volume is usually created by the Champions League. Unfortunately, for the past two years we have not been able to drive ourselves into the competition. I look forward to doing so again this summer. I suggest it is the most respected value. Usually, when this club has accumulated similar value in the past, it’s done very well by reaching the Champions League knockout stage and the individuals who are doing well in the competition. rice field. I think it’s a great job for everyone to be able to do that and receive what we have.

I think Aurelian deserves a great opportunity. From an organizational point of view, I think we are happy overall. Look for the same profile. There’s a reason players go for the price they do, and that’s because it’s very difficult for them to replace as well. I think Elliott Matazo has an internal competition with young Sungtu Magasa and young Mamadou Koulibaly. This is also a very exciting outlook. Youssouf Fofana had another great season from January to May. There is also Jean Lucas.

We will continue to play an active role in the market. Aurelian has given us the details of the six defensive elements. As always, the idea is to strengthen the holistic team as a whole. There was a lot of football to play and the team is back in great shape. This summer we need to secure not only great individuals, but great teams.

The season starts on a packed schedule, but what do you need to do this year to prevent last season’s errors?

I think we need to be prepared and in the best mental and physical condition. I think we need to learn from last season’s experience. Take advantage of how you prepare, the games you played in the preseason, the amount of work you did in the preseason, and the group’s current experience. Two years older than when I first arrived. It experienced the same thing last year. It helps us approach these preparations better this year and show the best quality we can. The season has ended so strongly that we need to resume where we left off.

Does paying Chuameni such a high fee mean that he can resist the approach of other players such as Benoit Badia Sile?

I think we have a very ambitious shareholder (Dmitry Rybolovlev). Towards the end of the season, I think it was very clear that we needed an important offer to lose a player. Real Madrid feels that they have made that important offer, with the scale and quantity of what they have done. It’s the same for all players. Shareholders want to succeed, he also wants to be sustainable, and we need to balance both of these factors as much as possible. If people are really interested in our players and think we have some exciting profiles in the European market, they also offer an important offer to separate him from his talent. Have to.

The second day after AS Monaco players return to pre-season training.Photo courtesy of Luke Entwistle, Monaco Life

Having lost Cesc Fabregas, Djibril Sidibe and Vito Mannone, are you trying to replace their experience?

It’s a very balance issue. When I arrived a few years ago, we knew we needed to bring young dynamics to the club. We needed to create the ability to build sustainable and exciting players for the market, but it’s always a win, and it’s a difficult balance. We are considering profiles of more experienced players to add to this talented young group. It’s always about the individual. We talked about being a little older when it comes to hiring this summer.

Cercle Brugge goalkeeper Thomas Didillon has been training with the group. Can he potentially join the side?

We mentioned earlier about expanding these ongoing synergies between two shareholder-owned clubs. This is another example of taking the relationship with Circle seriously. Thomas is a very talented goalkeeper, as we have seen in the last two seasons as well as the last two days. Five academy players are training in Circle and Thomas is with them, so it’s important to use resources to enhance everyone and everything. When we talk about everything, we talk about Cercle Brugge and AS Monaco. Thomas has a unique experience of training with great goalkeeper coaches at Frederick de Bouver and with great goalkeepers such as Alexander Nübel and Radoslaw Majecchi.

Monaco life: Player sales and club success are often mutually exclusive factors. How does AS Monaco achieve both each year?

I can only talk about the last two seasons I’ve been here. I think balance is one of the hardest things to find in modern football. There have been dramatic changes in the strategies of many clubs and even one of the largest in the world. This is to add a level of sales sustainability while adopting a young profile while maintaining the will and demand to win. It’s definitely where we look at ourselves – in its competitive markets and spaces. That’s hard. As I said, a few years ago we felt that we didn’t have enough talent pools at our disposal, so we hired and talented to take advantage of more talented players and bring them in. ID, the next level that has changed within the environment. It was definitely a conscious strategic change for the club. And by running and creating a culture that can nurture some of these people, we find that by-products are always higher rated and usually increase player sales.

With money from the Tchoameni sale, can you be aggressive in the market?

Also, keep in mind that football clubs have excellent players at this time. I lost a good young player in Aurelian, but for me it’s an opportunity for other players to step into that position. We want to make sure we are strategic in the market as always. We are trying to find the best possible value. We still have agenda stability and financial management. We take this as very seriously as any other club.

We will be aggressive, but it will be a strategic attack. As always, if you think you have a good profile that can enhance your team, move clearly and concisely. If it takes a little longer, we’ll do this to ensure that the right team comes on September 1st. We have a very exciting team at the moment. The team that won the podium twice. This is important to remember. As always, we are looking at other profiles that can strengthen us and stay competitive in every competition.

What are your club’s plans for a pre-season friendly match?

This summer’s ambition is to have a game program that is as ambitious as possible. We know we’ll be in the Champions League playoffs, and League One is off to a very exciting start. We are in the process of completing things, and hopefully we can announce them. On average we try to play one game per week until the playoffs, but it can take weeks to add additional games to make sure the team is getting the overall game hours and minutes. I need to have sex. As I said, this season, especially the first part of it, will be a very team game.

What is the purpose of the club entering the 2022/23 season?

I know it’s a bit like a broken record, but this team must be competitive in all competition. I think the young group did that and showed their true ability to do it in the last 16 podium finishes, the finals, the semifinals and finally the tragic penalties. Europa League. We always aim for better things. Every summer we try to add more quality, but it’s not only the quality of adoption, but also the quality of development, which is better in all preseasons. We are further strengthening our team’s readiness to implement a more competitive gaming program at the camp this summer. Every year, we want to be competitive in everything, on and off the pitch. That should always be the goal here.

Photo taken by AS Monaco Sporting Director Paul Mitchell (left) and coach Philippe Clement (right) at a press conference for Monaco Life earlier this year by Lucents Wistle.

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