PCB Makers Reap the Benefits of EVs

Taiwan-based PCB makers are expected to benefit from the rapid increase in demand for electric vehicles (EVs), according to industry sources, with EV PCBs expected to be a major source of revenue growth in the second half of 2022. It has become one.

Info-Tek’s automotive applications for autonomous driving, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and EVs make up 70% of the PCB, sources said. Info-Tek’s shipments of EV PCBs are expected to rise as European and US automakers increasingly adopt Chinese-made EV batteries, according to sources.

Info-Tek’s consolidated revenue in July was NT$643.4 million (US$21.5 million), marking a 15.65% m-m-o-m growth and a 109.47% y-o-y growth, up from January to July to 3,738 million The Taiwan dollar increased by 57.20% year-on-year. .

Triod Technology’s consolidated revenue in July was NT$5,759 million, up 2.05% year-on-year and up 7.77% year-on-year.

In Q2 2022, Triod’s consolidated revenue was TWD 16,571 million, gross margin was 17.68%, and net profit was TWD 1,467 million.

In terms of PCB applications, 80% of Chin Poon Industrial’s consolidated revenue comes from automotive, 8% from industrial and 8% from telecommunications.

Chin Poon enters the EV supply chain of international automakers and EV startups, shipping PCBs used in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and 5G infrastructure.

Chin Poon’s consolidated sales in July were NT$1,356 million, down 10.45% q-o-q and down 15.32% year-on-year. decreased by 0.88%. PCB Makers Reap the Benefits of EVs

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