PCP sees a deficit in comments by the Ukrainian Refugee Association

PCP Communists Whimsically wise About the recent comments made by the President of “Refugee Ukrainians” – One of the many entities that support the more than 34,000 Ukrainians who have arrived in Portugal from their hometown of the War Zone.

Maksym Tarkivskyy Was talking in the context of Setubal refugee screening line..

He said “Thank you” rally in Lisbon Over the weekend, it was an event to thank the Portuguese refugees for their support and support, but he could not understand “how democracies can continue to hold the Communist Party.”

“At the moment,” he said. The party basically supports the war“.

It took a full two days for the PCP to react, but the party said,Fascist hatred for PCP and democracy“.

The problem with the refugee screening line is that it has created endless ripples. Unfortunately, this ripple can be completely out of control.

Already curled up from the January ballot box batter, the PCP literally screamed and came out with all Talon exposed.

Statement suggests Comments from Maksym TarkivskyyThe true anti-democratic nature of the Kyiv government It constitutes an intolerable insult to Portugal’s democratic regime.

“For those who have doubts Complete contempt for democracy and freedom This has long been established in Ukraine, and these statements made in Portugal warn of the power Ukraine exerts on its people. Fascist reactionary personality“.

Seeking “Sovereign” To take “Clear position”, The party threw thorns at these bodies and accused them of being silent since desecrating the integrity of the PCP.

Silence is ” Accomplice to such an anti-democratic concept Proposal, “said the statement.

therefore, 4 days from Expresso’s “monopoly” – Lifting the lid from the wrath of Communist-led Setubal – The line continues to escalate and people are at risk of forgetting where it started.

It began with a Russian representative of the association linked to the site created by the Kremlin given the task of dealing with Ukrainian refugees and asking them about their remaining relatives and husbands in Ukraine.

According to Expresso Russian work Copied ID – No one can be sure for anything (especially because the SEF-led process does not require a copy of the personal document).

In other words, Complaints, If verified, Will be perfect Justification – While the ripples are beginning to look like proper noise. PCP sees a deficit in comments by the Ukrainian Refugee Association

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