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“Who is responsible for destroying over 70 MPs’ homes and over 600 properties?”

Shamindra Ferdinand

The general secretary of the ruling Sri Lanka Podjana Pelamna (SLPP) Sagara Kalyawasam (MP) said yesterday (23) that there would be no ban on any investigation into the violence that took place outside Galle Face and the Temple prior to the May 9 incident. Said nothing. Thurs, and after the resignation of then-Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse.

Kariyawasam, an SLPP member of the National List MP and attorney, strongly advocated using the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) to deal with those arrested in connection with incidents related to so-called mass protests.

Kariyawasam said in response to opposition political parties, some members of the diplomatic community, and several local and foreign NGOs who condemned the issuance of detention orders on the PTA.

Regarding the detention orders issued against three, including Wasantham Mudalige, the convener of the Interuniversity Student Federation (IUSF), which belongs to the Front Socialist Party (FSP), MP Kariyasawam said that the stakeholders were very convenient. He said he forgot to destroy the university. He robbed houses and other property owned by his one-third of the deputies, killed Polonnaruwa District SLPP Deputy Amalakerti his Atukorale, and seriously injured Kalutara District Deputy Kumara Wergama.

MP Kariyawasam asked how a mass protest called peaceful could destroy houses and other property owned by as many as 72 lawmakers within 24 hours. According to MP Kariyawasam, almost all of them were members elected on his SLPP ticket. The SLPP parliamentary group consists of his 145 members.

A month later, SLPP officials noted that protesters destroyed then-Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s private residence on 5th Lane in Kollupitiya.

when island Rep. Kalyawasam, who said the violence erupted on an unprecedented scale only after the then-government unleashed the UPFA villains against protesters outside Galle Face and Temple Trees, was a peaceful citizen. protesters could not have meticulously stormed so many sheltered homes. Country.

Indeed, less than a week before the May 9 eruption, an organized group attacked the residences of five SLPP lawmakers, MP Kariyawasam said. MP Kariyawasam said Gamini Lokuge (Colombo district), Ramesh Pathirana (Galle district) and Roshan Ranasinghe (Polonnaruwa district) were among those attacked.

In response to another question, MP Kariyawasam argued that the police should brief the diplomatic community on the actual situation in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defense. Kalyawasam MP said video footage of the destruction caused by organized gangs had to be provided, adding that as many as 600 other properties belonging to former state legislative and local government members had been attacked.

The MP said those who were very concerned about the suspect’s arrest and detention, including from the PTA’s perspective, did not bother to condemn Amarakeerthi Atukorale’s lynching in the Nittambuwa police precinct. MP Kariyawasam said the first participants in parliament were lynched with his police bodyguards in Nittambuwa on the night of May 9. Wergama was nearly killed at Makumbra in Kottawa, a top SLPP official said, arguing that the entire operation must have been pre-planned for weeks, if not months.

MP Kariyawasam stressed that a group of motorcyclists wearing full-face helmets led the attack. Police who have failed to protect the residences of parliamentarians and local government representatives should not be exempt from the responsibility of arresting those responsible for violence.

MPs said the violent element clearly exploited the extreme economic hardships experienced by the public to stage the violence.

The SLPP general secretary said law enforcement and intelligence agencies should conduct a thorough investigation. Then-Minister Dinesh Gunawardena claimed in parliament that he had deployed drones to monitor targeted facilities, including his own, but former MP MM Zuhail also said it was a well-calculated operation. The MP said he referred to the use of such technology.

Gunawardena said President Ranil Wickremesinghe had declared a state of emergency in line with his overall strategy to deal with the threat. MPs said they could not understand why some of those whose property had been senselessly destroyed had voted against the state of emergency, thereby falling into the hands of those who wanted to overthrow the country.

MP Kariyawasam said the role played by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) in the public protest was questionable. The politician said he had raised the issue both as an MP and as a lawyer. Members of the department are acting in a manner that is completely contrary to their vows, Kalyawasam said.

The SLPP declared that it had elected UNP leader Wickremesinghe to fill the remainder of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s term, and with no other choice, MP Kariyawasam said the country was plunged into terrorism when the ruling party intervened. He claimed he was about to give in. Named to the SLPP ticket and the National List respectively, they plotted against their own governments.

Lawmakers said those who called for then-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa to step down committed acts of betrayal and were still pursuing the same strategy. stressed that they should not be expected to nominate any of them to congressional positions. “Positions are shared by the government and the opposition. There is absolutely no space for those who act as independent parliamentarians,” said the SLPP general secretary, adding that all parties represented in parliament at any level are entitled to I urged them not to tolerate violence.

Lawmakers noted that even rebel groups are sharply divided over the controversial issue of President Wickremesinghe declaring a state of emergency. Peaceful protests will not be suppressed – The Island

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